The Four-Day Work Week Is The Future Of Work

Microsoft has just proven this if necessary.

Sylvain Saurel
Nov 7 · 3 min read

Productivity is a major theme for everyone. Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur, a startup or a company manager, you must constantly seek recipes to improve your productivity and that of the people around you. Being more productive is essential because it allows you to produce more things while having more time for yourself and your personal life.

There are many books on the subject. Many articles too. Quite often, what emerges from all these books on productivity is that it is necessary to build a personal routine in order to gain in daily efficiency but also to put into practice the 80/20 Rule.

As a reminder, the 80/20 Rule highlights the fact that there is no linear relationship between the efforts produced and the results obtained. Even better, it argues that in reality 80% of the results obtained come from 20% of the efforts produced.

Microsoft Applies The 80/20 Rule With The Four-Day Work Week

Well aware of the reality of this empirical rule, Microsoft has decided to experiment with the four-day work week during the month of August 2019 within its Japanese subsidiary.

The goal for Microsoft was to accurately examine the effects on employee productivity of reduced work time allowing them to have more time for their personal lives.

The results of this experiment have just been published by Microsoft and they highlight that reducing by one-day the work week has led to a 40% increase in employee productivity compared to August 2018.

For more details on this study, you can consult the blog post on the Microsoft website. Be careful, remember to translate the content into English because the blog post is in its original version.

It should be noted that the non-working day of the week was paid as a day of paid leave for employees of Microsoft’s Japanese subsidiary.

The Benefits Of The Four-Day Work Week Go Beyond Productivity

Studies had already shown the formidable effectiveness of implementing the four-day work week on employee productivity. Seeing a company the size of Microsoft experimenting with this is interesting because it shows that the model remains effective on larger companies.

In addition to the productivity benefits, Microsoft also made it clear that the four-day work week significantly improves employees’ well-being by giving them the opportunity to better combine work and private life.

This experimentation of the four-day work week also highlighted the ecological side of the approach with electricity consumption down by 23.1% compared to August 2018 and a number of printed pages that also decreased of 58.7%!

The Four-Day Work Week Is The Future Of Work

While we live in a world that is moving ever faster and in which we consume ever more, the four-day work week clearly represents the future of the working world.

It will allow humans to slow down and preserve their personal lives. With a more balanced personal life, their productivity will only be better, which will benefit companies that dare to take the plunge as well.

Finally, by giving humans the opportunity to slow down the pace, the four-day work week will reduce electricity consumption and in this sense, it is a real way forward for ecology.

All that remains is for companies of Microsoft’s size to take the plunge and offer this solution to their employees beyond simple experimentation phases.

The success of a company such as Microsoft with the four-day work week would then push many other companies to try the adventure for the good of all.

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