The Goal in Life Should Be to Become Unemployable

It’s not what you think and has nothing to do with being a beach bum

Tim Denning
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5 min readJan 26, 2023


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The headline is easy to misunderstand.

Unemployable doesn’t mean quit your job and be a beach bum with a laptop for the rest of your life.

If you think that you’re high on 4-Hour Workweek kool-aid.

What it means to be unemployable

When I worked in banking I met a few rich elites.

They looked, smelt and talked like the rest of us. There was one difference. The lanyard they wore around their neck with a security tag on it had a different color to mine.

But they ate in the same lunchroom. I eventually got to sit next to this group of miscolored lanyard warriors. They had one big difference.

They didn’t get a salary.

They were misfits known as contractors, freelancers, or consultants. In some cases they were small business owners who just came to the bank I worked at to work a short stint. Then they knick off to their next gig.

These guys and gals were unemployable.

Instead of a salary they sent my employer an invoice. The subtle difference is they got to get paid faster, not have tax taken out, and negotiate their own working conditions.

Everything from what laptop they got, to where they worked, to what meetings they would attend was negotiable.

What the critics said about the unemployable misfits

Me and this gang of unemployables got on like kids eating ice cream and getting it all over their t-shirts without giving a f*ck.

I dreamed of one day being them. But until that day came, I learned from them. Critics didn’t like ’em.

Their main argument was “they don’t have job security.” LOL. Job security is a modern-day joke. No one has it. And those who think they have it are delusional. They forget the bat virus layoffs of March 2020, and the tech layoffs of 2022.

Employers don’t give a crap about you. They exist to make as much profit off you as they can. If times get tough…



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