The Healing Power of Acceptance

What it means to choose peace over chaos

Aurora Eliam, CMP
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3 min readDec 18, 2019


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Acceptance is a microcosm of the self, where our principles, beliefs, and behaviors illuminate an incandescent fervor of hope.

The intricacies of sustaining optimism in this time of effortlessly accessible discouragement mean that we all know what it feels like to feel downcast or dejected.

Even just thinking about these emotions can bring to mind situations that can leave us feeling starkly melancholic. This reaction reminds us that, somewhere in our past, we began to associate despondent feelings with a sense of misery. This is not inherently wrong.

But when we view our thoughts or feelings through the narrow lens of self-judgment augmented with the pain of past experiences, a shift in mood is bound to occur. And although we cannot control every emotion, we can indirectly affect our emotions through the power of acceptance.

The essential art of acceptance asks us to completely accept what may be happening, even if it’s negative.

However, even though acceptance isn’t the same as approval or agreement, it is still difficult to accept what we find to be painful, dangerous, or harmful.

Acceptance is about choosing peace over chaos, and it’s one reason why true acceptance is a form of forgiveness. It’s the willingness to give up suffering over something we cannot control.

Sometimes we fight reality because we don’t realize that there are other ways to exist.

When we acquiesce to embracing reality, life becomes rich in tranquil conceptions and clearer motivations. This is because we’ve laid down the gloves in the fight against “what is”, and the result is increased energy and zest for life.

Acceptance loosens the grip on resistance to what is, and that makes space for better relationships, more creativity, and healthier mindsets.

Viewing our experiences within the scope of receptiveness can create a pleasant cascade of positive results.

What is the power of acceptance and how does it heal?



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