The importance of a morning routine: and why you should have one too!

Many health experts, entrepreneurs and influencers the world over highly recommend a structured start to your day. Almost every guest on the Tim Ferris show is asked about this and an astonishingly large proportion of the people he interviews (highly impactful members of society) have some sort of routine for their morning.

A long list of benefits are directly associated with a morning ritual. And the good news is they can be easily implemented into your morning as well!

  1. Self- discipline:

Perhaps the most important of this list is the improved self- discipline that is associated with waking up early and getting out of bed. Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink has published books and content endlessly preaching this idea. His claim that the discipline of getting up at the same time every morning is part of the foundation of having a good day, possesses carry over into everyday life. By re- enforcing the act of discipline at the commencement of each day, you will find more discipline in almost all other facets of your life (diet, health, mental focus).

2. Time:

In tune with the discipline of waking up early each day, is the practical aspect of extra time. In the lives most of us live in today’s culture, time is arguably our most valuable asset- just look at the success of new time saving technology (Alexa voice, Uber, Amazon Prime). Having an extra 1–2 hours in your morning- some suggest these are the most mentally stimulating and productive hours of the day- allows you to put more work into the things that are important to you and you otherwise may overlook.

3. Mental Toughness:

Too much of today’s society is soft. We have continually made things easier for ourselves, and when faced with adversity, we crumble. I encourage you to actively seek difficult environments and actions. Taking the easy way out may seem like the rewarding path at the time, but choosing the hard path will ALWAYS stand you in greater stead in the long run. Waking up early everyday is not fun. It’s just not. But by forcing yourself into this path of discipline and mental fortitude, you are actively preparing yourself for the stressors of life.

4. Stress:

The amount that people complain or find themselves stressed out is a serious cause for concern these days. It is so easily avoidable, for the most part, with a good start to your day. How many times in the past week alone have you rushed your morning and sprinted out the door without feeling fully prepped for the day? Stress has a direct link to increased cortisol levels, and a plethora of research shows us this is associated with increased weight gain, anxiety and a number of health risks. Just try it… tomorrow, wake up early, TAKE YOUR TIME over the morning and stroll out that door ready to GET AFTER IT!

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