The Main Reason Behind Your Productivity Failure…

Why are you not getting your shit done on time?

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When most people realize that they’re not getting their shit done, they always go look for a fancy hack, tool, system, or an app.

And you know what that leads to?

Another time waste.

Let me ask you this —how much do you procrastinate? how much time do you spend on things that don’t really matter or the crap that don’t align with your goals?

If you’re an average person just like me, I’m guessing a lot…except for that the fact I’m not that kind of person anymore.

And it’s not because I’ve found some secret strategy or got superpowers, It’s only because I’ve finally discovered the root problem behind it.

What’s the root problem?

If you’re not doing what you should be doing, or in other words, if you’re not getting your shit done on-time, it’s just because deep down you don’t want to.

That’s it. That’s the only reason why you’ve been procrastinating on a task that you could have finished days or weeks ago.

Don’t Worry Though. There is a Solution. BUT…

But it requires absolute honesty.

Let me explain…

When I first decided, back in 2017, that I will launch my own blog and start writing on it daily, I did everything except writing.

I bought the domain name, the web hosting, I even set up the entire blog in WordPress. But after everything was up & ready, I just never logged back in to write.

Reason? — Because deep down I didn’t want to.

So how did I made myself want to write?

Well, after thinking hard for weeks, I finally understood that when you can’t finish a task, there are always only two choices you have.

You either find a way to want to do it. Or, find something else that you want to do it.

And if you want to find a way to want to do it because it’s something important, then you need to find best reasons behind the shit that must be done and then find a way to really appreciate it and want it.

This part requires absolute honesty. You’re not going to get by with reasons like “because it’s the best thing to do” or “because I don’t want to let my partner down”. Nope. These reasons are not good enough.

In my case, I didn’t start writing daily just because it would help me get more exposure or more followers here on Medium.

I started writing with the sole intent of sharing my knowledge and lessons I learned hard way from my past mistakes.

I don’t really care whether you, after reading this story, follow me or hire me or not. I already have a good paying full-time job and have enough clients for my side-hustle.

The point is, you need to find the WHY.

Why do you want to do a particular task or job?

What’s your WHY for that particular thing?

And remember, you cannot lie to yourself here. Otherwise, you will never get your shit done. You’ll just fail again and that’s just going to suck even more than before.

The bottom line is this — look for the reason, and not any shallow reason but the real reason, the one at the root of your problem. Look for that reason, analyze it, appreciate it, and you’ll get the shit done after.

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