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The Mastery of Selling Art

Earn passive income by selling art


If you are an artist or makes arts as a hobby, this article could guide you on creating passive income by selling your artwork. We are going to cover the following topic :

  • How to make an online store without any cost
  • Marketing your arts on Instagram
  • Selling your crafts using Pinterest

Make an online store.

You might think setting up an online store requires lots of technical knowledge, and maintaining a store will cost you so much. But there is a way we could make an E-commerce site without spending a single dollar. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about inventory, shipping the art, and installing a merchandise payment gateway to receive money from the buyer. So, how we do that? A site Teespring will allow us to build an E-commerce site quickly. We only suppose to upload our work. Teespring will put our designs on various products like wall art, stickers, t-shirt likewise, but we choose what all products must list in our store. We can also set the price of the product we are posting, and the item sold cost transferred to our bank through PayPal.

So with the help of Teespring, you can up and run the online store without worry about any background work. But it is not enough people have to buy products from your store; thus, we must make a brand of your arts and market them over the internet. I will share how to sell your product using various social media.

Instagram Marketing

We have to create an Instagram account with a name exactly as the store name we provided on Teespring; we aim to build a brand. When it comes to the profile picture, create a logo for your brand and upload it. There are many free websites available for creating a professional-looking logo, and I suggest going with In the bio section, provide a brief description of your store, and the most crucial point does not forget to attach the link to your Teespring store. The Teespring store link would be very long; we must shorten it before connecting to the Instagram bio section then only our brand get a professional look.

The next step is to post content on Instagram, and here is my advice before posting content. Suppose you have one artwork with you, and it is possible to create at least three Instagram posts with that art. First, you can post that art directly into the page, and the second one, while uploading art into the Teespring, provides some product images with placing your art could be used for posting. Finally, you can create different mockups with your art.

If you plan to sell wall art with your store, put your designs on the above-attached kind mockup, and these mockups will provide a professional look for your artwork and tempt buyers to purchase. Many of these kinds of mockups are available on the internet.

On each post description, at least provide 15 different hashtags related to your artwork; this could drive more traffic to your Instagram page. Don’t put the same set of hashtags for each post because Instagram might think your account is spams. Post as many you could because that will increase the probability of product purchase from the Instagram page.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a very effective marketing tool; it could drive substantial organic traffic from the google search towards our online store. While creating a Pinterest account, make sure to choose a business account. It provides advanced analytics tools that would help order tracking. Unlike most, the social media marketing Pinterest content sustain for the long term.

On Pinterest, we can pin the same images we used on Instagram. The description we offer for each pin is crucial because these are the SEO keywords that will rank when a customer does a google search. We would be directed towards a product detail page in our online store while clicking on the buy button, attach that product detail page link in each pin’s description so the customer could do a direct buy from Pinterest itself. As a piece of final advice on Pinterest marketing, try to join the group board on Pinterest so your image would reach more audiences.


The motive of writing this article is I have many friends who make art and upload it on Instagram only for some likes, but I often advise them to sell that art for generating side income. Unfortunately, they are not aware of selling those arts online, so I decided to research selling crafts online without any investment. After few weeks of research, I came across this strategy to sell art online with minimal effort.



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