The Matrix Is Presence

The Red Pill Of Resistance

The Matrix is really just a metaphor for being present. I imagine being in the Matrix being of the same feeling as in being in what they call a “flow-state”.

Flow-state is when everything we’re doing starts to slow down and all other sensory receptors and inputs accelerate. Our pupils dilate, our skin tingles and our fingers, eyes and thoughts move faster that light, with incredible focus and awareness for the task at hand. You can’t stop it, you don’t have the time nor the control to analyze it, you just go with it.. for as long as possible. It’s incredible. Writers, professional athletes, programmers and anyone who’s deeply engaged in something experience this.

They might seek it out but more often, it seeks them out and when it does they step in. They take the red pill, step past any resistance, into the uncertainty and insecurity to find a place like no other. One they are a part of and rather than trying to manipulate, control and adapt to themselves they flow with and become a part of.

“You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Our Matrix is a world created through our collective perception, passed down over centuries between and of cultures. It’s a world where anything that is perceived as possible is probable. It’s a place we fight to stay in but the mere fight against such resistance only disrupts the interaction and connection were experiencing. And in a moment it’s all gone. And then we’re left wondering what it was, what we did to get there and how we can cultivate opportunities to get back in.

It’s always there, always available, we just need to be patient and accept ourselves are a part of the ocean, riding the waves as they come and go, stepping in and out of them from time to time and as is both necessary and enough. And that is presence, it’s patience, it’s awareness, it’s flow, it’s chemical creativity, endorphins and intensity all balled up into our human potential. Step in, take the red pill and follow the rabbit hole.

Hypnotized… Maybe?

We love to believe that freewill, self-control and awareness are the cornerstones of how we live our lives. We make reasonable decisions that incorporate some degree of rationality with a sprinkle of luck and hard work. Sounds like the storyline of every movie I’ve ever and never seen. So ya, our happy little illusion called life.

I have another theory and it involves hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Sounds a lot like love, lust and being under the influence of just about everything that get us even the slightest bit excited. In short, amazing.

I’ve also hear hypnosis elegantly described as… “When you’re hypnotized, it’s as if you feel like you could but you won’t, so you can’t and you don’t.”

One more time, but slower: You feel like you could… But you won’t… So you can’t… And you don’t.

This actually sounds like every decision I didn’t or couldn’t make. Like every contradictory thought the devils on either one of my shoulders have argued about. This sounds like real love, real lust and real life. It’s confusing and insecure, yet optimistic and satisfied all at the same time. It sounds like every thing I imagined jumping off of, running through and doing as a child that I never actually did. Like every crazy, highly illegal and impossible dream that’s graced my sleep.

Given the similarities of hypnosis with intoxicated enjoyment and everyday struggles for reasonable thought, what then does it mean to be un-hynotized? And how would we even notice it? Well…

You could but you won’t, so you can’t and you don’t.

Today’s Junk Thoughts

You get one life. Don’t waste it.


To strangers: this moment will (is) likely the only opportunity we’ll have in our lifetime to meet, make an impact/impression and have that interaction be more than a faded or forgotten memory of “what could’ve been”. I think we ought to take advantage of the opportunity, even if it’s just for curiosity’s sake. Don’t you?


Thoughts appear, you can’t think a thought before you think or pick it; therefore, you are a spectator, in essentially ever intention unconsciously. Self-control is an illusion. We just tell ourselves the story that we have control to make sense of the world and be-ing of purpose. Consciousness is not cognition or intelligent decision making.


Genetic manipulation and creation is cool, evolution and intelligence is cooler but creating a life of purpose and meaning through personal connection, social relationships and curiosity-led serendipitous moments are everything else; which is everything important.


Amongst the chaos, as it seems, there is extreme order and causality when framed in the evolutionary light. Purpose and meaning it then seems, is a function of our perceptions and narrative derived from social connections, relationships and curiosity.


Stay hungry, stay foolish. A species or idea will rise to its local optimum of opportunity or fitness. And being curious, foolish and experimenting with randomness is the only way to progress beyond that locale.

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