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The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Been Told That Will Force You Into Deep Contemplation.

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I met a man three years ago that I was trying to do a business deal with. I got to know him quite well, but three years later, we never got a deal done.
The other day he called me out of the blue.

Instead of trying to find out why we hadn’t got a deal done, I just spoke with him.

I asked him how his family was. I asked him how business was.

He then asked me for my opinion on two decisions he had to make in his business. I gave him my honest advice and even revealed my biases which surprised him.

He’s originally from Egypt and through our various conversations, I told him of my dream to visit the country and see the ancient pyramids. He promised to take me whenever I wanted to as he visits there three times a year.

Image Credit: One Rude Dawg

This kind offer from him always made me believe there was something more.

His business was successful and made plenty of money yet he lived in an average house, drove a plain car and didn’t splash money around.

My sense of curiosity led me to ask him one question:

“What drives you? Why do you do all of this if you already have enough money?”

It was in that moment that I got a right hook in the face. His response was something like this:

“Tim, when my business does well, many other people benefit.”

Okay, now he had my attention.

I asked him what he meant.

He said:

“Tim, no one that works for me knows this so I’ll tell you the big secret. The majority of the money my business makes funds orphanages. It’s not about me or how much money I can take home.”

With those few sentences, I was left speechless.

This was the most beautiful thing I’d ever been told.

This very idea sent me into deep contemplation. I began to think about this man for weeks afterwards. I still think about him.

This conversation led me to ask the following questions:

• What would it take for each of us to adopt a similar mindset?
• What if we all committed to this type of work?
• How does one person become so kind?
• Is the world not as bad as we’re led to believe?

This man is saving every penny, paying the least he can for his office supplies and making the most profit he can. All of this looks like every other business owner’s actions.

What’s special though is the output. Most of us never see why entrepreneurs go out into the world and create these enormous businesses. It’s often for reasons we’ll never know. This man sure had his reasons.

From the outside, this man looks like any other person you’d meet in business.

What I learned after this day is this:

“Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Image Credit: FairyCakes On Etsy

Okay, that’s a famous quote that I may have messed up from Wendy Mass, but you get my point.

Behind closed doors, there are many more people than you’ll never know who are doing amazing kind acts like this.

What we see from the outside is very different from when we choose to take a peek inside somebody’s life and lead the conversation with our vulnerable, authentic selves.

There’s always another side to the story.

You’ll never truly know people as well as you think.

Choose to believe that everyone has this type of good inside of them. It will change the way you think.

It’s now time for you to take this idea and contemplate it deeply.

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