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Every teen wants to build something at least once in their lives, but most of them fail because of the constant reminder of having “more important” things to do, like studying for the SAT or AP Calc. While those are indeed important, are they truly worth more than cultivating a skill set that will help them tremendously in the future? It is a cliche saying, but how will getting a perfect score on the SAT help you in your late life? We believe a young individual will be more prepared for life and a better member of our society if they realize the importance of their dreams earlier. How? By trying and failing.

A teenager is not the most stable individual, we know. They can set their hearts on something and change their minds pretty quick. But why does it always have to have a bad connotation? Let us change our minds. Let us try new things, get bored and try another. Because only if we do this will we discover passions that will save us from a boring life.

In The NewCompany, this is exactly what we try to do. We help high schoolers all around the world to take the first step toward their dreams and not be afraid of failing. You are a 16-years-old high schooler who wants to be a DJ? Or you want to start your fashion business? Let us be your companion. With our project management software that will help you track your progress and in-house team who are skilled in numerous fields, we can help you express yourself in the most authentic way possible.

Our Project Management Software

If you feel like you could need our help, please e-mail us at with a brief statement about who you are and what you want to do.

A teenager sees the world as it is. Join us in helping them change it.

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