The Only Digital Checklist You’ll Need for 2019

Over the past month, Start Digital developed a Digital Checklist to help online businesses rocket through 2019 — a year and digital space destined to be more competitive than ever. Here’s a summarised version of our Digital Checklist. The full eBook is available for download at —

1. Light Speed Pixels
Given almost 90% of customers are less likely to return to a site if their previous experience was poor, your business needs a rocking website in 2019. For those unaware, a rocking website is one which loads within 2–3 seconds, is deemed visually appealing within 50 milliseconds, establishes trust and encourages further engagement just as quickly.

All elements of your website from functionality to use of authentic (and optimised) images, will play a big role in determining if a prospective client becomes yours or one of your competitors.

2. Digital Wellness
Obviously, there’s a time and place for checking emails at 10 pm and scrolling our days away on social media. As a society, we’re more plugged in than ever and that’s messing up our effectiveness.

iOS 12’s Screen Time feature and apps such as Calm and Headspace will help businesses be more accountable and productive with their time in 2019. While it might not seem like it, digital wellness is essential for 2019 (and beyond).

Not much is less productive than digital fatigue.

3. Make Way For The Robots
By 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be powered by robots. No, not the iRobot kind — the chatbot type. Thousands of big businesses like Disney and H&M are already using chatbots because the benefits are too grand to be ignored.

If you’re looking to be ahead of the pack and provide your customers with a better experience, getting acquainted with platforms like Intercom, Drift and Facebook Messenger, are something you need to do in 2019.

4. Google Goals
Given Google’s constant evolution, the goal posts when it comes to ranking higher are constantly moving. Some of the biggest shifts to impact SEO next year include voice search being louder than ever and the desktop v mobile war having been won in 2018.

Staying on top of Google’s search algorithm is a must for 2019. After all, how can your business optimise for a slam dunk if you aren’t anywhere near the basket? Or worse, don’t even know where they are?

5. Data is Power
Because it’s going to be more competitive than ever, 2019 is the year for making smarter, informed decisions based on actual, accurate data to determine a conclusion. Lucky for your business, data is everywhere and more accessible than before.

Even though new analytic tools are popping up daily, we’re still hooked on Google Analytics. You should be too because of insights such as how prospective clients are finding your business, the journey your web visitors undergo while on your site and more, are never going to not be invaluable.

If data is power, Google Analytics is going to be the best generator of 2019.

6. Productive Playlists
We’re always playing music at Start Digital and according to research that’s a good thing. Many studies have confirmed music can reduce anxiety and stress, boost creativity and happiness and consequently, productivity.

Whether you’re relying on Spotify, Apple Music or another streaming service to listen to Adele, non-lyrical music or a bass-heavy EDM playlist, that’s all dependent on your workplace. But what’s not undetermined if playlists will help your workplace happier and more productive during 2019.

7. Creative Resources
Forget just relying on Adobe in 2019. From Unsplash to Canva to Envato Elements, there are unlimited resources out there, capable of helping showcase your business in the right way.

8. Sort Your Social
With most of the world spending 5+ hours on social media weekly, 2019 is the year every business gets their social sorted. Unsure of how to do exactly that? Begin with knowing which platform best targets your core audience, progress with crafting a #nofilter strategy which authentically displays your brand’s personality, follows through with being creative and finishing up with tracking your data.

Welcome to 2019
The future is almost here and we hope you’re more prepared for it now than you were before.

Once again, if you’re interested in downloading the full Start Digital 2019 Digital Checklist eBook, rocket yourself to — 🚀

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