The Power Of the Email

How one happenstance email landed me as an apprentice at Dustlight Productions and working with Obama.

Rainier Harris
The Startup



It was May 2020 I had just started listening to podcasts like The Daily with Michael Barbaro. Not because I had some unquenchable curiosity but it was new and I was bored, and I consider myself a journalist and this was a new kind of journalism for me.

Listening to audio didn’t demand attention like reading did and my attention span was shortening. But the journalism was equally as awesome as the writing, in some ways it felt more enhanced than the writing I was reading.

It made me wonder if I could make a podcast. So I started looking up “How to become a freelance writer and podcaster.” At the top of the search results was this link to Khan Academy — Freelance Journalist and Podcaster — What I do and how much I make.

In it, Misha Euceph discussed how she made it as a freelance journalist and podcaster. I thought she was so cool that I emailed her. And she wrote back, landing me a paid for spot in…