The Recession That’s Not a Recession Has Arrived — Here’s What You Should Do

“We were handed $1,200 in exchange for 40-year high inflation and a recession.”

Tim Denning
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7 min readAug 9, 2022


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The word “recession” brings back nightmares.

In 2008 I barely survived the recession. The market became so scared that most of my small business customers canceled their orders. My financial future went up in smoke.

And the Wall Street bankers who caused the mess were smiling.

In 2020, after a bat virus shut down the world, we went into a brief recession again. It wasn’t so bad. Things rebounded quickly. Within months markets were frothing at the recovery.

I’ve never seen euphoria as high as 2020 and 2021.

But it was all a lie.

Markets didn’t go up and none of us became genius millionaires. The central banks worldwide simply created new money out of thin air and handed it out. Anthony Pompliano sums it up best:

“Americans were handed $1,200 in exchange for 40-year high inflation and a recession.”

Boom! Recently we went into a new recession. Let’s discuss.

The Washington grandpas want to warp our minds

Days before the announcement of the new recession the White House in the US released an article.

A recession isn’t a recession. They threw in unemployment as one example of why we’re not in a recession. It’s political spin. Two declining quarters of negative GDP = Recession.

I wish our world leaders would stop trying to fool us like we’re five years old and running around in diapers.

We’re not stupid.

Here’s why world leaders are running scared…

  • They allowed trillions of dollars to get printed out of thin air
  • They gave free money to millions of people
  • They bailed out crap businesses that should have gone bust
  • They created the greatest wealth inequality in human history, by letting the rich get richer from assets and the poor get…



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