The Self-Destructive Belief That Prevents You From Becoming An Online Entrepreneur

You don’t trust yourself to convert your ideas into reality

Asmita Karanje
Mar 23 · 7 min read
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If I were to ask you, ‘what is the one thing that gives you joy?’ what would that be? And let’s say that if we keep money out of the equation, then what would be your answer?

You might say you want to travel, write your first book, or learn to ski. Or you may be interested in addressing the larger socio-political issues that we face. Or some of you may not even have figured out what you really want. I didn’t until two years back, and that’s alright too. You need to start somewhere and keep hustling till you figure what you are passionate about.

The bottom line is irrespective of what those goals look like, can I say, we all want a sense of happiness, peace, and purpose in life — that’s what we are aiming to achieve?

And what limits us, really, from achieving it — money, status, experience, or expectations of the society? Some say they don’t know what to do with their lives. Or that they don’t have the skills or talent it takes to achieve what they desire.

That’s not true.

It’s not that you didn’t achieve those dreams because you don’t have the ideas or you don’t know what it takes to achieve them. You do.

Even if you don’t have an aspiration or a dream right now, you know what brings you happiness. But you haven’t been able to exploit your ideas in a way that maximizes your potential.

The Internet has made it possible for people to choose a career that was unthinkable just a couple of years ago. There are creators who make millions just watching and reacting to videos. A 7-year-old YouTube creator made $22mn reviewing toys.

I am not saying you have to make reaction videos or review toys to earn millions, but these are some off-beat career choices people have made in the past. There may be several such activities that interest you and maybe a million others like you — you just don’t know it yet. You can also draw inspiration from people who have used their existing skills to their advantage using the social media platforms — Zach King with his brilliant editing skills has become a master of illusions on the internet; Ali Abdal, a part-time doctor, earned over $1.5 million from multiple online businesses in 2020 alone.

“You are limited only by the ideas you have” — it’s a cliche, you know this; you have read it a million times before, but it hasn’t sunk in because it is complex. If it had been easy, everyone would have achieved it. I don’t want to dive into idea generation or the other million aspects related to success — I want to focus on just one — your self-beliefs. If you figure this out, the rest will follow suit.

Your skills are also related to your willingness to learn them. If you don’t have the right skills, it’s because you don’t believe you can work on them. You simply don’t trust yourself. Your self-doubts sabotage your motivation to exploit your potential. It prohibits you from thinking, “you are meant to achieve something greater in life.”

And it’s not entirely your fault. Society conditions you to believe that.

The rooster coup phenomenon

In the book ‘The White Tiger,’ the author talks about how a large majority of the population is trapped in a perpetual state of servitude, like chickens in a chicken coup. We too are trapped into believing that we need to conform to societal norms of success — education, work, marriage, and the kids. We need to have job security, find a partner with whom we can spend the rest of our lives, get married, and have kids.

The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a salary — Nassim Taleb

Where is the part where we may start our business and fail or travel the world or seek adventure?

We rarely break out of the coup; those who do are often criticized for their choices. They are shamed for not following the most treaded path; they don’t get all the support they need to make it work.

Our society is still evolving to successfully break these stereotypes.

Source — Author’s image — How one can overcome the different self-doubts one has throughout their life

But those who do, achieve something much bigger in life than just success — they achieve FREEDOM.

When you don’t fear society or how they perceive you — you have escaped the coup.

When I started writing, I had zero expertise in blogging, editing, or publishing online. But I still did. I wasn’t afraid of what people would think of me if they read my article. I was rather afraid — what if nobody reads it?

Today when I read them I want to trash them — I didn’t know the basics of formatting an article for the internet, or how to break complex ideas into something more digestible, or how to get the flow right.

I have learned it over the past eighteen months and after writing over a hundred articles. If my doubts had gotten the better of me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I have earned over $6,500 in the past year. It may not be a lot, but it’s something. And it’s not the money — it’s the many little things I have learned over the course about writing and about myself.

How to break the coup?

You don’t have to be a revolutionary to break the coup. You don’t need to be extraordinarily talented. You are fine just the way you are.

You can always pick up new skills. You can hone them with practice and get better with time. What you need, though, is the will to get started and continue on that journey. To do that, you need to be honest with yourself.

Ask these three questions

  1. What do I want to be known for when I retire?
  2. How can I get there?
  3. What is the first step I can take?

And finally, the million-dollar question — what prevents you from achieving it? Try to shun that little voice in your brain that tells you, “yeah, that’s all fine, but I don’t think I am cut out for it.”

You are who you think you are.

With the advent of the internet, the sky is the limit — you can find a million opportunities if you look in the right direction.

If all your mental and physical faculties are working, you have a roof over your head and you can read this article on the internet; you are dealt with the same cards as everyone else who has achieved success.

You may not be a child prodigy or a gifted individual. But most people who have achieved success in their field aren’t either. They work on their skills; some start early, others a little later.

You don’t need more advice; you need to start right away

Yes, I mean right now. You may be reading this article at 2 am in bed but you can still do one tiny thing to get started — set a reminder to take the first step or write your ideas, and if you feel pumped, channel that motivation into something meaningful.

Overthinking leads to a slow death of ideas.

Whenever I wish to restart my workout regimen, I immediately spring into action that day itself.

Time allows the mind to procrastinate. I know if I gave myself time, I’d find every reason to delay it or possibly not do it. But when I complete day 1, I feel good.

Don’t set up everything first and start later — it will never happen.

It’s a lot to figure out at the outset when you don’t even know what you’re getting into.

With the workouts, I don’t think about the goals or the schedule right in the beginning. I warm up to the idea of workouts. I experiment with a few different styles and once I am in the flow of it, that’s when I put the effort to set up a routine.

So, when you are done reading this, do that one little thing that helps you to move forward. You don’t need to figure out the goals, the habits, the schedule, or anything else really. Just do it once and then follow it up for the next month. You can figure everything else after that.

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Asmita Karanje

Written by

Thinker, self-experimenter, and a newbie writer. I write about personal growth, socio-political issues, and career advice.

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +787K followers.

Asmita Karanje

Written by

Thinker, self-experimenter, and a newbie writer. I write about personal growth, socio-political issues, and career advice.

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +787K followers.

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