The Status Update Life

Yes, We See You.

We love to give each other seemingly meaningless status updates on life events, primarily to show proof of our work, purpose and creation.

“Mommy, look what I did today. Look what I made. Are you proud of me? Did I do good? Did I meet your expectations? Do you see me?”

And as well, “I made this. I’m really busy. Look at all things things I can do, all the thoughts I’ve accumulated. Am I smart yet? How do I compare? Do you see me?”

Yes, we see you.

We immediately and enthusiastically desire to present, promote and show what we’ve done, every step of the way as if life were merely an accumulation of status or gold coins.

“You can take the person out of contributing to social media but you cannot take the social status needs out of the person.” — Taylor Wallace

But why? We’re insecure AF about how we spend our time, our abilities compared to others and the general purpose for which we act and make decisions. Nobody knows why anyone is here or doing anything and that doesn’t sit well with us. It makes us scared and uncomfortable because it inhibits us from predicting the future. Acknowledgement from others legitimizes the work we do and decisions we make, it’s the carrot to the invisible stick that is effort and process.

We consume experiences for primarily for purposed other than experience, such as presentation (identity), sense of ownership (entitlement and memory) and security (insecurity of the unknown and desire to control and predict).


Do it for you. Ability alone is sufficient, it needn’t be demonstrated.

Life is more than a series of progress updates and check points, it’s a (your) journey and if you’re going to consume, contribute instead of clutter the space.

No one cares what you did. What matters is why you did it and how it contributes. You will belong when you accept yourself as belonging. If it really matters, if it was something that is made to influence and make an impact, those that seek it will see it. Let them discover and appreciate it on their own, for what it’s worth.

Yes, we see you.

Raw Thoughts…

Purposeful and aligned stress, at the edges of our abilities is growth, is good, is living and becoming. Comfort and complacency are a the center of stagnation and patiently awaiting death.


Great opportunities are often disguised on the surface and initially perceived to be unattractive, unsettling and risky. They are rarely obvious or clearly spelled out, otherwise they wouldn’t be opportunities. What makes for a really great opportunity is not even unmet or un-pursued potential but rather the unseen upside.


Take time away from screens BUT if you are going to engage in mindless screen scrolling, watching or whatever do it with all the screens, at the same time, overwhelm yourself with them, get it all out of your system in a highly concentrated dose to the point where your mind and eyes are are done with them. Then go enjoy real life.


The average person lives to be approx. 82-years old, that means we’ve got roughly 30,000 days of life. If you’re 25-yrs old then 9,000 are already over. How does that make you feel about how you’ve spent your time?


Our memory is of our perception, our perspective of the circumstance. We fuse our sensory experience with the narratives and cultural / social norms we’ve come to live through and understand. We build ourselves a mental reputation of our perspective should be, how everything is supposed to fit with what we know.

We weave everything together to make our experience one that matches the status quo, one that is collectively experienced but ultimately they, the specific moments, are and always be unique and that is how we remember places and time. Everyone has their own version of every moment they’ve chosen to weave and conform to the story of the past and future they create.


Equilibrium is far more frightening than chaos. has we will always compete to compare and accelerate towards accumulating and developing a status / perception of “more” than of “better” or better… “enough”.

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