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The Surprising Way To Learn Anything You Want To From Any Expert

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In a sentence?

Observe them.

In an article?

Keep reading.

You could go take a course on copywriting, Facebook ads, or email marketing from one of your favorite experts to find out their methods.

OR you could sign up for their emails and see how they set up campaigns themselves in real time.

I did this recently with Jeff Goins, and it blew my mind about some of the ways this guy writes his emails.

Recently I’ve taken up the awesome habit of screenshotting Facebook ads to take a look at how the “experts” write their copy. After doing that with 10–15 ads, I started to realize a couple things:

  1. Using a “native picture” on Facebook — like a selfie with words overtop — works well.
  2. Shouting out your audience in the first line is a best practice. I.E. ***ASPIRING TRAVEL BLOGGERS***
  3. Lead in with the most tantalizing sentence you can think of. I.E. “Do you want to make THOUSANDS of dollars EVERY NIGHT while you sleep and travel the world?”
  4. Make sure to re-inforce why they should listen to you BEFORE the “more” button. “Well, I’ve been doing that for the last 5 years AND YOU CAN TOO (click here to read more).”

These “experts” are already giving you the blueprint to their money-making strategy because they’re currently using it themselves.

Do This Exercise

“You see, but you do not observe.”
― Sherlock Holmes

Next time you see an ad on Facebook, I want you to click into it and do whatever it is that they want you to do.

Give away your email.

Do it so confidently that their email provider thinks there’s something fishy about it.

After you give away your email for your free 10-point checklist or whatever, sit back and wait for the emails to pour in.

I want you to take very close notice of the timing, subject lines, and body copy of these emails.

When are they being sent? Are you receiving them every day? What does it say in the body copy?

Image via Pexels.

Chances are if these people are using Facebook ads, they’ve been educated (or had their emails written for them) by copywriters and know the best practices for copywriting themselves.

You’re about to get a front-row seat to these strategies.

We’re so used to going with the sales funnel flow that we never take a moment to analyze what it is these people are actually doing.

Don’t worry, you’ll realize EXACTLY how these emails are being structured. You may be uneducated in copywriting, sure, but you’re not uneducated in human nature.

Be both recipient and student at the same time. Take note of how each line makes you feel, and what the author is actually doing through their words.

You’ll see.

If you want to make a sales funnel of some sort later on, you don’t need to give away your money to “learn,” you just need to give away your freaking email.

Learn By Watching Everything

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles

Continuing my point from above, this goes way past email marketers, copywriters, and bloggers. You can literally do this with anyone, and it’s much easier than you think.

This is easy to do for bloggers since so much of their history is written into the very fabric of the internet, but if you do a Google search, scour LinkedIn, or look your subject up on Twitter, chances are you’ll find something to go off of sooner or later.

Look at their past. Then look again. Try to find videos of them on YouTube. Try to figure out the people they do business with.

For instance, I’ve been following Jeff Goins for quite a while. He’s an EXCEPTIONAL writer, blogger, and public figure (I certainly see him as one), but this doesn’t mean we can’t figure out his methods for success and replicate them ourselves.

I’ve found interviews influencers did with him on YouTube from five to six years ago. Sometimes these interviews were from before he wrote his fourth or fifth book!

I got to actually get a look into who he was back then, and gauge for myself how far away I am from where he was.

Image via Pexels.

Slowly but surely I pieced together his story, and now I know (pretty coherently) just how he got to where he is today.

This is all public knowledge, too! He let everyone know this. The problem is some of his thoughts might’ve been lost to history because nobody felt like watching his YouTube videos or even cared to look at all.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Online Courses Ever Again

I’ve made my own online course myself, so I’m not just saying this out of spite.

NOTE: Some people want and need that extra personal attention from course creators, while others are self-starters. Listen to this if you’re the latter.

You shouldn’t buy courses ever again (including mine) because many times the entree is already on the table in front of you.

I figured out how to write a self-published ebook by reading Jeff Goins’ first book on Amazon. I saw how many pages he wrote, what it looked like on the inside, and how much sheer knowledge he dropped on everybody.

It was incredible. Now, I did have to pay $4.99 for it, but that’s much better than shelling out $300 for a course.

Do your research instead.

It’ll take more work, it’ll take more time, but I believe you’ll get a much deeper understanding of the sheer struggle these people went through by peering into their old blog posts, videos, or LinkedIn history.

I can’t help but feel after doing this myself that you get a more intimate, true, and over-the-shoulder glance at how these people did it themselves.

Courses are great, too. They save you a lot of time, and they’ll teach you a lot of things — that’s why I’m making my own..

But I believe the content is already there for the taking, it just takes someone privy enough to find and analyze it. If someone does the same with me, then I’ll give them a pat on the back, take a call with them, and talk about all the stuff they worked so hard to find. It will be glorious.

I hope you can do what I’ve done, and be further educated because of it.

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