The very uncool but necessary work of blockchain

#Blockchain is not just cryptocurrencies. The distributed ledger system would permeate all walks of life. For that, what would be needed is to reduce power consumption without compromising on the safety. That would be done soon. At one point of time BPOs used to be fancy as is the blockchain now. Now they are mundane and so would be blockchain. Trust me, blockchain would stop being sexy sooner than it took for the outsourcing offices penning pieces of code to join in as a small cog in the large machinery of an app or an OS. Sexy is not the reason to get in it but necessity to eliminate middlemen, eliminate fraud, and to eliminate inefficiencies. To do so well, you need to understand the context of each problem and be able to devise a solution for them. So, develop blockchain, not because it is sexy but if you have the passion for solutions, adaptability, resourcefulness, and ingenuity to take on the next few decades. I am ready for tomorrow and looking to create the largest solutions company, which would offer blockchain along with the other needs of today and tomorrow. I am not hard to find if you are interested in getting in the trenches with me to shape our tomorrow.

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