There is no map to use when you’re trying to find Success

The title should be self-explanatory!

Have you been wanting to take that extra step?

Where you looking for like a guide or author that teaches you how to become successful for sure? 100%?

Well, I hate to break it to you…. but, you won’t ever find that and if you did the author was just scamming you because you can’t for sure know that you going to exceed.

That “extra-step” that I already been going crazy about is something that you want to attain/achieve so you would do more then what is already required.

Not everyone is capable to take that extra step but there are a couple signs that you might find in yourself that shows you that you are an overachiever.

Signs of being an overachiever

  • Having the want to do more then just the bare minimum (Since I’m interested in CS I looked into expanding my knowledge and go in dept to the subject. Coincidentally it led me to marketing, development and becoming an entrepreneur.)
  • Not only the thought of doing more but actually getting your hands dirty (Now, we all know everyone is all about talk and never putting our work belts. If you really want to create value in what you doing you need to actually do what you said you were going to do.)
  • Overriding the feeling of procrastinating ( I, myself sometimes I feel like I procrastinate and I was hit my head when that feeling comes but you need to find a way to get on top of that emotion of moving plans past your due date. Don’t let feelings and emotions get to you always move forth.)

Starting anything is hard and sometimes not run, like trying to learn how to ride a bike or learning how to spell epidemic as a 1st grader can just be as frustrating.

But, sometimes it can be fun too.

As an entrepreneur I view things this way: Even if my startup failed, I learned many ways how to prevent from making that old mistake.

I don’t even advice you to use the word fail because even if you didn’t find success to that startup you did find success in ways to prevent certain issues when creating a startup.

Don’t knock your head on the wall or beat yourself up.

Digest this analogy: Imagine you opened a new startup and you weren’t as aware in the obvious mistakes you made and you went to an angel investor to pitch in your startup and he just threw $50,000 to you saying that if your startup don’t receive $2 million in revenue by the next 12 months you signing a business exit. Now if you didn’t find your mistakes ahead of time and you just worried about getting a spot with the big boys… Well, now you took a big “L” because you going to loose your company.

It’s these little things you need to be aware about. Failing don’t really exist in the business world unless you stupid enough to make the same mistakes.

Don’t be a hard head if you complaining right now because everyone achieves their success in many different types of ways.

Example: Facebook got a greater market share mostly because of network marketing while Wix got a big market share in it’s sector by SEO/Mobile advertising.

Finding success is really the matter of pivoting your ideas not copying others.

I, personally have struggled so many times. I tried to look around my family to see who I can get help from in the business and legal sector but there was no one around that field so I hit many bumps.

I, lucky got to meet students from the same school as mine which got to network other empowering individuals to create friendships with all through the power of networking.

___________________________________________________________________ Need more info in Networking read my article about it here:

__________The Paradox of expanding your knowledge___________________

But, just to give you a little knowledge networking let’s you get an opportunity to view problems in different angles.

You can learn a lot from network. Just to give you a quick example: I learned to write better Medium articles.

Earlier, today I was talking to a friend as she was checking up on how my life is going.

I, told her it was great and I went on to eventually talking about how I write Medium articles and I’m trying to grow my audience in it’s platform and she was like

“ Why don’t you just get a job?”

I, gave her an explanation on how the money is not important and I’m worrying about bringing content to my readers and documenting my experiences so I, can write a book about my journey from the beginning of my new enhanced entrepreneur life to finally opening a profitable startup.

There again is an example of not following any steps to achieve success.

As an entrepreneur you need to take risks. I currently am trying to manage my grades and manage my startup at the same time.

You think just because I’m in school it’s easy.

NO! It’s not. I’m a junior and this year I will be taking the SAT and colleges/universities mostly look at 11th grade grades.

There you go a risk being taken by me. And, it’s a big one.

The Key Value 🔑 I want you to leave with:

  • 🔑Try everything to that you think will work out when working on your startup (*I have an article about cross-platforms posted below)
  • 🔑I went on doing more then what many would do and I always try to earn what I want whenever it failed the first time but knowing I can achieve it the 2nd time. (I would always want my article in The Startup publication so when my article doesn’t get in the first time I would edit my articles, add more value to it and resubmit and got in every single time!
  • 🔑Accept receiving “failure” because that’s key to success (Only if you don’t repeat it.)
  • 🔑Understand that there is no map to achieving success. It’s your plan and it’s your journey.

Don’t wait any longer and for some of you who is struggling to “find” success stop waiting any longer and create your map to success.

Become the cartographer for your destiny!

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