This Is How to Make a Passive Income Machine in 12 Months

A formula I stumbled on that you can steal.

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5 min readNov 2, 2021


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“One person. $1.3M in revenue. 98% profit margin. 810 days.”

I read stuff like this and often say to myself, “yeah right, matey.” Not this time. Justin Welsh is someone who has figured out passive income.

Consulting: $880k [forget this line as it’s not passive]

Products: $341k

Community: $81k

For some odd reason Justin is happy to share his story and give people screenshots of his dashboards. What you’re about to read is based on his formula. Copy, borrow, or steal it.

Attract the Right Eyeballs

First you’ve got to find the right people. You’ve heard the phrase “content is king” plenty of times. It’s no accident. Content is the pillar of any passive income machine and it’s often overlooked.

People mistake posting content for the influencer life. It’s not. Influencers are a waste of space and they take up oxygen we could use to treat lung problems in hospitals full of patients affected by a global health crisis.

Content only falls into the influencer category if it’s all about you, or if you’re trying to look good. Otherwise, content is simply helpful things you learn and your commentary about what’s happening in your field of interest. A passive income machine needs email addresses.

Create content. Collect email addresses. Simple.

Spend 1-Hour per Day for a Year Building an Online Community

Humans pay you money. Their money equals passive income. Therefore, you need a place for humans to congregate. You can do it via email or you can point people from your content into a Telegram or Discord group.

Many creators don’t understand why a community is so important. Let me explain: A community creates trust with an audience. Nobody is paying for anything from you unless they’ve dealt with you.

One year in a free community with you is enough time for the magic of trust to take over — where they learn you’re not some guru, but a person who truly cares…



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