This Is The Biggest Excuse People Make For All Of Their Failures

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Most people will NEVER accomplish their dreams.

After they realize this, they tend to break down into two groups..

  1. The group that holds onto hope it’s still possible, no matter what.
  2. The group that gets cynical.

Most fall into the second group.

The other day someone scoffed at my plans to stay 6 months in The Philippines and vlog the whole trip.
“He sounds like an idealist millennial with no responsibilities.”
“How is he making money?”
“Sounds a little weird.”

Do you hear the cynic in there?

Of course you fucking do.

Success Is For Elon Musk — Not Us

We see stories of great success every day. We read it on the news. We see it in videos on our Facebook feeds. We KNOW grand success is fundamentally possible — but as soon as someone close to us aspires to do big things, we discourage the hell out of them.

Put them down.

“You shouldn’t do that!”
“It’s not going to work like that!”

And my personal favorite..


Because for some reason or another, the cynics don’t believe success can actually happen right next to them. Grand success is for Tom Cruise or Elon Musk.

Not Laura Lewis over there.

There’s no WAY she’s going to start a huge business and actually succeed.

Why the fuck is this?

Well, I think it’s mostly because of jealousy. Someone close to us is shooting for the moon, which reminds us that we aren’t, which makes us pissed at ourselves, which makes us pissed at them.

That’s how jealousy works.

But what if Laura Lewis DOES do it? What then?

Well, we discredit her.

We convince ourselves that it’s a fluke. That it wasn’t due to the hard fucking work she put in over 3 straight years. That she’s some millennial idealist with no responsibilities and the endless help of mommy and daddy.

By the way — did it ever dawn on anyone to think that she has no responsibilities because she kept her head down and worked instead of getting married at 20?


This creates an endless loop of excuses that perpetually keeps people in cynic mode. They never break out of it because maybe one day they tried to do something great and failed.

Then they never tried again.

Or maybe they did something kinda good, but lost patience because they didn’t become Elon Musk after 6 months.

These Are All Excuses

I’m so sick of the comments I get from people telling me I’m some stupid idealist millennial. I’m sick of them putting me down as if this is all a house of cards waiting to fall into itself.

I feel like saying to them that I get it that they all chose to be cynical fuck faces, but I’m out here actually achieving some things I never thought were possible — so I’m going to need some peace and quiet.

That’s what I want to say.

But instead they’ll discredit me.

Misunderstand me.

Judge me.

Be jealous of me.

Because the fact of the matter is, I did things they either couldn’t do, weren’t patient enough to do, or flat-out never thought to do.

And you know what? I’m not the smartest guy in the world — not even close. I know this could all end tomorrow. I know my business could tank because of a few algorithm changes. But isn’t that the fucking case for every other entrepreneur who ever lived?

It’s called Blockbuster-Netflix. Amazon-Toys R’ Us.

Sh*t happens. Things fall apart. I get it could happen to me..

But I actually sat here today on the 6th floor of a beautiful building in an apartment that I’M renting in the middle of a beautiful part of Manila….

..and I couldn’t stop smiling.

I couldn’t stop smiling because I was here. Living my actual wildest dream. A digital nomad in the Philippines, supporting himself well. Vlogging his entire trip. With almost 100,000 followers on Facebook.

To the cynics out there…

You’re right — most times it doesn’t work. Most times people fail. Most times people make shitty mistakes in their life and never bounce back from them..

But let’s not act like the other side to that coin doesn’t exist, either.

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