This Is Why You Need To Repack Your Life

I used to listen to my parents when I was in high school. But when I was in college I started to drift apart from their idea and standard of what life is all about.

This is not because I am not respecting them anymore, but because I’m growing up and learning stuff they may not have been able to experienced when they were at my age.

You see, not all the time you need to listen to your parents. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and think for yourself. This is how you grow and learn in life.

During college I peeled a lot of skin in my mind — values, ideas, teachings, and what not. I valued my parents’ teachings but as the time goes by I needed to say goodbye somehow.

Not all their teachings will stay in my life. Sure, there are the teachings about respecting other people’s opinion and being honest all the time that I would always carry, but the other teachings are just not working anymore in this generation.

I started to repack my life — slowly and surely.

I started to choose carefully and mindfully the things I want to see in my bag.

I started to stop, look, and set aside the stuff that tries to hold me back or making my journey so heavy and tiring.

I slowly cut ties with people who were toxic in my life, and maybe so was I in their lives.

I deactivated the Facebook account that most of the people I knew of were following. I have a back up account with different name for my Facebook fan page that has surprisingly 5,200+ followings.

I stopped liking every picture on Instagram. I only use Instagram once a week, or sometimes it takes me two weeks to use it again. Getting better at it.

I unfollowed too many people on Twitter who kept on whining about their day. So not inspiring.

I did my own #OurSharedShelf where I left books I no longer read for pleasure or had been accumulating dust on my bookshelf for months. I mostly left all of those books in parks, parking lots, and inside our campus when I was still in college six months ago. I’m no Emma Watson, but I just loved her so much I wanted to support her in my own little way. I also valued reading so much that was why I did it.

I donated some of my clothes to charity (mostly in children houses) last March and stuffed toys in the church I used to attend at, and I’m planning on donating again before the year ends or early next year in the charity my best friend would be doing for her project in her school. All of the clothes, toys, education materials will go to a certain school outside our city.

I stopped saying ‘yes’ to everything.

I learned to say ‘no’ to the things I don’t support. I only watch TV during lunch and dinner for news update about my country and the world.

I learned to value money and cultivated my relationship with my parents, and other relatives.

For the past 11 months, most of my food consumption are vegetables and fishes. God, I love fish. I don’t eat meat often because it’s so unhealthy and I love farm animals so much it hurts me to see them beg for mercy and just eat them to gain weight and lose it again in their work out in the morning. Seriously though?!!! I don’t judge meat eaters, but come on. Let’s be kind to animals. I know they have delicious meat but eating their meat is like eating your own meat (body).

But more importantly, I stripped some parts of me that were no longer working for me.

You just don’t need to physically repack or emotionally repack your life, you also need to repack your mental and spiritual life.

I broke up with my religion because it doesn’t feel right anymore. I became so judgmental toward others and hated myself for it. I still believe and trust God for everything though. I’ll probably get judge by this admission, but I’m no longer responsible to give anyone an explanation for their questions.

Every day, I always make sure that my values/words and behaviors correlates with each other. I make sure of this because I want to inspire people that you can be both your words and actions. I value integrity.

Now, the real deal here is on why do you need to repack your life.

You need to repack your life because how could you expect the Universe to give you new good things to come into your life if you’re still clinging to the old rusty you.

I always believed that life should be filled with all the stuff you need, and free from all the stuff you don’t.

Repacking your life is letting your eyes see things in fresh perspectives.

Repacking your life is reinventing your mind and body to be better in adapting to new environments and enduring hard situations that come unexpectedly in your daily life.

Repacking your life is allowing new changes to happen and good habits to form.

If you want to better repack your life, ask yourself this question: Why am I carrying this?

If you know the answer, decide whether you want to let it go for good or you’re going to let it stay with you.

Letting go is hard.

Repacking your life isn’t also easy.

But if you are determine in being and getting better in life, letting go of things that are no longer serving you would be easy and repacking your life would be fun.

Repacking your life doesn’t just happen once. It is an everyday ritual. You should keep on being mindful about your life. Repacking should be a habit.

Tonight wouldn’t change you so suddenly. But tonight or at this moment, you can decide to get better.

Slowly but surely.

Never forget that you are awesome. You can do this. You’re the only one who can change your life.

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