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Tips & Features to Enhance Your Google Slides Presentation

From creative use of shapes, custom animated gifs and sharing — add polish to your next slidedeck

Curtis Stanier
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9 min readOct 31, 2020


I’ll admit it — I’m a huge fan of Google Slides. In the past, it has been somewhat of a running joke that on a particular topic, Curtis probably has a slidedeck for that, and I usually do…

It’s important to note, I do have good reason for why I find the tool so valuable. This isn’t some weird interest in trying to use every possible slide transition (I don’t use any) but because it is a key tool in how I approach communication with my colleagues at a large and growing organisation.

There are two main reasons it’s a powerful tool. First, it’s accessible by everyone so you don’t have to deal with people that aren’t added to the Notion account or sit in the department that doesn’t have access to that Confluence Space. Second, it’s very flexible but still forces you to think with a logic flow on how you structure the message to your audience. This is important given the majority of times people look through slidedecks without the presenter.

With this in mind, I wanted to share, 7 tips and features I find incredibly valuable when using Google Slides:

  1. Adding Icons



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