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Top 10 Enterprise Mobile App Development Companies in Singapore 2019

We’ve marched into the mobile age — there’s no doubt about it. One area that’s continuing to grow, especially for business goals, is app development. According to Google, 91% mobile users turn to their smartphones for ideas in the middle of a task and 82% of them consult their mobiles before buying anything in a shop. If this doesn’t persuade you, nothing will.

Nowadays mobile app development shaped up as a particularly demanded service for every business. Entrepreneurs couldn’t adapt their business fast enough to the emerging market and, hence, specialized mobile app development companies became of monumental importance.

So, after long hours of profile-hunting on Clutch, LinkedIn, and pretty much all the resources, we took the liberty of providing business owners with a concise, updated, actual list of the top 10 mobile app development companies in Singapore in 2019.


Vinova is among the Top 10 Mobile Applications Development Companies in Singapore according to Yahoo Finance. Vinova has been providing world-class mobile and web development services for enterprises, SMEs & start-ups since 2010. The company started entering the app development market providing services for small businesses and schools. Nowadays, it has become one of the most recognized mobile app development companies in Singapore.

Swag Soft

Swag Soft was reviewed by App Futura as one of Top App Developers in Singapore 2018. It services a wide range of clients spanning from startups to big brands such as BMW, Toyota, Caltex, and government agencies like the MDA and Singapore Air Force.

They provide a comprehensive suite of mobile app development services, including Android and iOS app development, virtual and augmented reality development, game development, and iBeacon technology.


HokuApps was featured by Clutch as one of Top Mobile App Development Companies. It’s a technology agency specializing in digital transformation, rapid application development platform (RAD), low code, business process management, and mobile application development platform (MADP).

The last one empowers enterprises to develop mobile and web applications customized to their unique ecosystem in a radically short time frame. It has powerful inbuilt tools — granular user access, powerful reporting, unified communication platform, reliable security model — your ideas can get implemented within weeks.

Rainmaker Labs

Rainmaker Labs, acquired by KPMG this year, is a mobile app development company delivering services for both retail businesses and enterprises. Rainmaker Labs developed its own beacon management system and was supplying location-based marketing campaigns with Apple certified BLEep iBeacons couple years ago. That’s how the app development company got into the business of enterprise solutions.

They aim at connecting businesses with their customers, empowering employees, and driving revenue growth using mobile technologies.


Buuuk has started as an experimental app and turned into a fully fledged client servicing studio over the past decade. They focus on developing apps for both iOS and Android.

Every project at Buuuk is led by a focus on design. In addition to developing a mobile app, a mobile project demands a stable and scalable server backend. Having the extensive experience, Buuuk team is deploying robust servers and integrating with existing setups.


Codigo is a digital agency with a strong in-house UI/UX and development team. They craft high-quality mobile apps, websites, games and backend systems. Having launched over 300 successful apps, Codigo has won its title among the best Android and iOS app developers in Singapore.

Codigo has also co-incubated 7 startups and runs a UI/UX school. They create smart technology behind-the-scenes to keep the customer experience simple, beautiful and usable.

Square Fresco

Square Fresco team has been providing custom mobile app development services in Singapore for enterprises and startups since 2011. Having deep industry and functional expertise they will definitely help you bring your ideas to reality in the form of impressive mobile apps.

Massive Infinity

Massive Infinity was formed in 2011 by a team of interactive media producers and developers. Its team boasts years of experience in the field of mobile app development in Singapore and has the right skill set to craft a fully-functional, valuable and cost-efficient mobile app.

The company offers complete end-to-end solutions such as web design, VR/AR development, game development, e-Commerce, and Blockchain solutions. They create quality products as per the latest industry standards, client requirements and target audience.

Robust Tech House

Robust Tech House is an affordable strategic e-Commerce, Mobile-Commerce and FinTech technology company founded in 2014. They provide a wide range of services such as mobile app development, chatbot development, blockchain development, and web development.

Robust Tech House will add the substantial value to your product offering mobile applications that enable businesses to cope with the constantly changing business patterns.

Oasis Web Asia

Oasis Web Asia is focusing on web design, website development, app development, e-Commerce and content management system (CMS) solution and hosting services for all businesses. They build innovative, aesthetically appealing applications for iOS and Android apps that offer a superior user experience.


It’s increasingly important for small businesses and enterprises to be present in each moment of the customer journey, especially, when the consumers reach their mobile devices. Choosing the app development company able to help you beat the competition with the excellent app is the uber-important step for every business.

We hope to have provided the necessary clarity on the issue of hiring the best app development company creating this list of the most recognized companies in the Singaporean mobile app development market, according to our research. Choosing the right app development company requires a particularly individual approach and doesn’t necessarily require working with companies from the list.



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