Top 10 Mobile UX Agencies in 2018–2019

Any great app begins with a great idea. What comes after, though, is a long and complex process. It takes expertise, creativity, and time to turn an abstract concept into a design that users love. It takes even more precision and effort to fit that design onto a five-inch screen — or rather, dozens of different devices and screen sizes. That’s where UX agencies come in: they help brands, entrepreneurs, and individuals make their app ideas a reality.

We’ve done the research, and we have the top 10 UX agencies that can take an app concept and bring it to life, creating a design and experience that will thrill any mobile app user. Here they are, in no particular order:


Headquartered out of India’s tech-capital Bengaluru, Lollypop is a multi-award-winning experience design (UX/UI) studio that blends usability and feasibility into visually appealing interfaces. This UX agency has designed 25+ domains with clients from across 13 countries. The people behind Lollypop believe that “design is purposeful and has the power to solve real problems of real people”. Besides their design services, Lollypop also provides research and testing, as well as front-end development. Lollypop designs experiences for mobile, web, desktop applications and wearables — basically, anything that has a digital interface.

Notable clients: Monsanto, Myntra


Muze is an award-winning UX agency, with a robust team of designers and vast experience in UX planning for B2B/B2C web and mobile apps. Muze offers a full range of digital experience services, from digital product UX planning to digital branding and visual language design. The Muze team solves complex problems in a fast bootstrap method that can suit startups and early-stage companies while achieving easy to use and engaging digital products.

Notable clients: Adidas, Magic Software


Momentum is an award-winning development and UX agency, with offices all over the world in Silicon Valley, New York, Dubai, and London. This agency has worked with clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Momentum offers a full range of services, including research, product strategy, design, and development. The agency specializes in design thinking-based and technology-driven services for enterprise/SaaS, consumer web and mobile customer experience design, and digital transformation. With clients in categories like financial services, healthcare, retail, consumer products, and technology, Momentum looks at the entirety of a client’s enterprise and develops solutions that can have an impact on how their clients do business.

Notable clients: Verizon, SONY


Codal’s mission statement is simple: they partner with the best, design with a purpose, engineer for a sustainable future, and always strive for perfection. Codal’s designers have a passion for solving business problems through data-driven design, intelligent engineering, and cutting-edge technologies. With a strong, all-in-house team of skilled and experienced business and technical experts, Codal aims to bring out the best in every brand that they work with. Codal’s clientele has ranged from small business to enterprise. Their philosophy is to empower brand visibility and deliver the most elegant web and mobile solutions possible.

Notable clients: Pepsi, United Airlines

December Labs

December Labs’ mission is to identify, design and develop innovative software solutions, applications, services, and platforms. With offices in San Francisco, Houston and Montevideo, December Labs’ team of architects, researchers, product managers, strategists, developers, and designers specializes in creating vibrant, game-changing products through mobile and web design and development and harnessing emerging technologies. December Labs describes itself as “mission-driven and people-focused, applying startup-style customer development and agile engineering for new products and areas of business from concept to launch”. They leverage existing stacks or analyze and recommend the best approach and solution for their clients’ needs.

Notable clients: Google, Accenture


Clay is a full-service development and UX agency based in San Francisco. Their clients include Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Coinbase, Slack, VMware, ADP, among others. Clay designs world-class digital products and services. Clay offers a wide range of services, from marketing websites and mobile apps to enterprise software and multi-platform experiences. Clay’s designers and developers aim to “become an extension of a client’s team, working in quick iterations and testing everything”. Their work has been recognized by Apple, Webby, Awwwards, Communication Arts, and Pixel Awards.

Notable clients: Facebook, Slack, T-Mobile


FIVE is an NYC based UX agency that works on projects where it can help clients’ businesses grow, increase revenue, or improve their overall bottom line. FIVE offers everything a successfully executed project requires: from product strategy and mobile design to development and growth marketing services. This agency aims to create a product that generates positive ROI for every client. FIVE’s design process is thorough, beginning with research of each product’s positioning, target market, and user base followed by agile design sprints, rapid prototyping, and user testing.

Notable clients: Napster, USA Today, Marriott, Rosetta Stone


Peerbits is a global web and app development firm that has delivered a variety of solutions for the past seven years. Their team consists of 100+ experienced and skilled professionals. They have delivered solutions for over 300 clients in 35 countries. Based in India, the UX agency also has branches in Dubai, UAE, Colombia, and the US. Their efforts are aimed at providing global mobility solutions for enterprise and startups. They believe that “the central goal of their work is to contribute creatively to a better world”.

Notable clients: AstraZeneca, Kuwait University


Daffodil is a software engineering company and UX agency that is a technology partner to over 100 dynamic organizations across the globe. Daffodil leverages design thinking approach to mobile app development, coupled with latest technology stack to develop highly engaging mobile applications. Daffodil houses a team of over 500 cross-functional experts, including domain experts, UI/UX designers, developers, and QA experts. Daffodil’s ability to look beyond technologies and deliver innovative and progressive mobile applications has been lauded across the industry.

Notable clients: Sony, Nokia


Appinventiv is a top UX agency that employs skilled UI and UX designers, who incorporate functionality, visual impact, and other device characteristics to create impeccable mobility solutions. At Appinventiv, the team scrutinizes each client’s business needs, target audience behavior, and market trends. Based on the insights gained and on experience of creating over 700 apps, AppInventiv then devises a top-of-the-line app design that ensures higher user engagement and app downloads. One such significant example of their work is the recent Domino’s Pizza app that gained 23% upsurge in conversions after Appinventiv team revamped the app UX design.

Notable clients: IKEA, Domino’s

Ensuring a great UX

The UX agencies on this list can design a beautiful app interface, create a smooth and user-friendly experience, and conduct thorough user research — all so that you can launch your app with complete confidence. However, bear in mind that there is no such thing as a ‘final product’. Good UX means nothing without the right tools to monitor and optimize it. Once your app is launched, you’ll need a super-strong analytics tool to quickly detect performance and usability issues and observe how users interact with your app.

Here’s just one example of what app analytics can do for you: In order to improve your app’s UX and reach your company’s business goals, you can watch user session recordings to see, on a single-user level, how users are actually behaving on your app. This can help you reduce abandonment, improve conversion rates, replay crashes, and much more. Click below to get started.

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