Top 10 Must-Have Tools for .NET Developers

Nov 19, 2020 · 5 min read

As a most loved C# runtime, the .NET Framework is used by 75% of all .NET engineers around the world. This is what has become the main catalyst for third-party development tools to appear on the market.

In this blog, we have listed 10 must-have tools for .NET developers as well as mentioned the resources where you can download each tool or get more information about their features and functionality.

Visual Studio

computer software, as well as websites, web applications, web services, and mobile apps. Visual Studio supports 36 various programming languages and allows the code editor and debugger to work almost with any programming language.

Some of the striking Visual Studio features include:

  • Fast code navigation allows finding types easily and identifying where they are referenced in the code.
  • Dynamic/custom code analysis and debugging allows identifying errors and improving the code quality.
  • Advanced IntelliSense includes a prediction algorithm to help with code navigation.
  • Live unit testing allows automatically running impacted unit tests.

For an exhausting list of Visual Studio, features check out the Visual Studio website.


Read more and download NDepend here.


Other NCrunch features include:

  • The distributed processing feature creates grids to run tests that can be shared between developers or even scaled into the cloud allowing development teams to pool their resources.
  • Small memory footprint tunes NCrunch’s CPU and memory consumption to fit the specific needs of developers.
  • Smart multiprocessor support controls the use of CPU preventing negative coding experience in Visual Studio.
  • Easy debugging allows using a single context menu command or shortcut key to break the lines of code.

If you want to start using NCrunch, you can download it here.


LINQPad is a completely free tool. Check out the official website to download LINQPad.

SQL Complete

Available features:

  • SQL query formatting;
  • Code refactoring;
  • Code standards maintenance;
  • Easy data retrieval;
  • Easy snippets modification and management.

Read more about SQL Complete functionality, and start using this tool today.

Entity Developer

Entity Developer facilitates the development process by allowing users to design their data access layer visually, via drag-n-drop, and then generate code automatically. There are code generation templates that help to avoid mistakes in the code and enhance productivity.

Other Entity Developer features:

  • Wide mapping support. Entity Developer includes visual editors for classes, properties, complex types, enums and supports various kinds of inheritances which makes mapping easier.
  • Database-first approach support. Allows quickly generating a model from a database and modifying it.
  • Visual Studio integration. The tool works with and without Visual Studio. If you’re already using Visual studio you can easily integrate it with Entity Developer.
  • Optimized work with large models. Entity Developer is optimized to allow convenient and effective work with large models, containing thousands of entities.

Download Entity Developer.


The tool:

  • Helps to analyze code quality on-the-fly;
  • Provides a lot of quick-fixes to solve code issues automatically;
  • Allows changing the codebase without any damage;
  • Allows navigating through the solution easily and align the code according to special formatting.

Try ReSharper for free during the 30 day trial.


Chocolatey is empowered by NuGet and PowerShell technology. Created by Microsoft, NuGet is a framework developed for the purposes of bundling code into “packages.” Besides NuGet Chocolatey uses PowerShell (a cross-platform task automation and configuration management framework) to add some functionality that helps to install and update packages.

Download a package manager here.


Other Postman features include API client for testing GraphQL APIs, automated testing, easy generation of API documentation, and API monitoring.

Check out Postman here.

Novi Builder

Novi Builder allows:

  • Managing the script settings;
  • changing visual data;
  • publishing a website on a server and export it;
  • creating presets;
  • Editing HTML, CSS and JS code.

What’s more, Novi Builder has 200 plus elements and multiple plugins that allow creating new pages. Download HTML editor here.

Summing up

If you need any help with .NET development, don’t hesitate to contact inVerita. Our experienced .NET engineers will solve any issue you may have with project development.

Originally published at on November 19, 2020.

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inVerita is a software consulting company focusing on outsourcing and staff augmentation services based in Ukraine.

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +724K followers.


Written by


inVerita is a software consulting company focusing on outsourcing and staff augmentation services based in Ukraine.

The Startup

Get smarter at building your thing. Follow to join The Startup’s +8 million monthly readers & +724K followers.

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