Top 10 Tools to Grow Your Medium Blog

Check out any site that estimates how much traffic a website gets and you will see’s unstoppable growth.

According to SimilarWeb, had a mind-blowing 114,000,000 visits last month. Alexa ranks Medium among the world’s top 500 websites.

As an increasing number of bloggers and companies keep moving their Wordpress blogs to Medium, some of the platform’s writers have announced they are starting to monetise their writings on Medium’s Partner Program.

For those who think Medium is here to stay, I brought together the top 10 tools that can help grow your Medium blog:

1. Official Medium plugin

Do you think publishing on Medium will result in duplicate content and eventually harm your SEO? Well, not anymore.

This official plugin by the Medium team allows you to cross-post your Wordpress posts to Medium with a canonical tag so Google knows which one is the original source.

You can also use Medium’s import feature that does the same job. Ali Mese listed some useful tips on how to blog both on Medium and on a self-hosted website like Wordpress in his latest post.


Do you think you can only retarget the people who have visited your website? Well, not anymore.

While we marketers are obsessed with attracting more eyeballs, we do little to engage and retain those who have already shown interest in our work.

However, retargeting those who have already shown interest drives higher ROI, increases your conversions, reduces your CPCs, and helps you stay top of mind.

This tool allows you to retarget your Medium audience on Facebook.

3. Upscribe

Instead of trying to turn your Medium readers into subscribers by forcing them to visit your website, you can collect emails right on your Medium stories without creating friction. allows you to place embeddable signup forms on Medium.

4. Top five guides to grow your Medium blog

While tools are significantly useful, some great pieces of content have been published on Medium over the last years.

Here are top five Medium guides that can help:


Submitting your article to one of Medium’s biggest publications can help you multiply your traffic. lists Medium’s top publications in a descending order of followers so you can submit your Medium article to the pubs that suit your content.

More tools

  • 6. Their Medium allows you to find your favourite Twitter users on Medium.
  • 7. Popular embeds on Medium lists all the tools you can embed on your Medium stories. You can use any of those tools such as Gumroad to sell a product or Google Forms to embed polls and surveys.
  • 8. Medium letters lets you send a newsletter to the followers of your Medium publication.
  • 9. Tweedium turns your Tweet storms into Medium posts.
  • 10. Sendout allows Medium publication and authors to automate their emails.

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