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Top 12 Mobile App Analytics Platforms in 2019 (Pricing Included)

Top Mobile Analytics Platforms in 2019 (Pricing Included)

Creating an app is only half of the battle. Once the app is finished, you need to understand your users. What are they tapping, swiping, watching and buying? How often do they use your app and how long do they stay in the app? The best way of knowing that is using a mobile app analytics platform. In the two of the leading app stores, there are more than 4 million apps, and it is becoming increasingly important to track the habits of the users and their behavior. Mobile app analytics collect and present the data with the insight in all the platforms. They help us achieve our goals.

Today, an average user in some countries has over 100 apps on their phone. There are more attributed installs than ever. Attributed installs are growing at a rate of 39%, while non-attributed installs are growing at a slower pace. That means more marketers are tracking the user journey to their app or through their app.

1. Firebase

Firebase is Google’s mobile platform for developing apps that grow the user base on iOS, Android, or the Web. It was actually acquired by Google in 2014 and it soon became Google’s flagship mobile platform for developers. Since then it had another 3 acquisitions. Firebase measures everything in one central location, from user engagement to app crashes. With multiple platform support, it is offering funnel visualization, cohort analysis, A/B testing and real-time analytics. Firebase is integrated with other Google’s products like Google Ads and AdMob.

Key features:

Unlimited Reporting
Audience Segmentation
Crash reporting
Real-time Database
Cloud storage
Deep linking performance
In-app purchase data
In-depth audience segmentation

Platforms supported: Android, iOS, C++, Unity

Pricing plan: Spark Plan — free, Flame Plan ($25/month), Blaze Plan — calculate pricing

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Office: San Francisco, United States

Support: FAQ, Support guides, community forums on Stack Overflow and Quora, Technical support over email (after filling out the support form)
– if you have a paid GCP support plan, you should submit technical issues through the GDP support console

2. Apple Analytics (App-Analytics)

Mobile app analytics specialized for apps published in the App Store. It offers insight into how users discover your app or how they search the App Store. Apple Analytics tracks app store impressions, user engagement, as well as segmentation of users. Sales and trends section allow you to understand which of your apps or in-app subscriptions are the most popular.

Key Features:

Usage data
Sales data
App store data
Only supports the iOS platform
No SDK installation required

Platforms supported: iOS

Pricing plan: included in Apple Developer Program fee which costs $99 or $299

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Offices: Cupertino, Toronto, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Taipei City, Singapore, Auckland, Kuala Lumpur, South Bay, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, Bengaluru, Causeway Bay, Cork (since Apple Analytics is one of Apple’s products, listed here are cities with Apple’s offices)

Support: Apple Developer Support over phone or email (after submitting your problem in a form), Developer Forums

3. AppsFlyer

Custom analytics tool with insights in rich in-app events, omnichannel measurement, cost & ROI reporting, offering support for different internal business intelligence systems. AppsFlyer also has a dedicated mobile app for monitoring the performance on the go. Since this is also an attribution platform, it can offer deeper app insights for specialized goals like retargeting attribution, tv attribution, and deep linking.


Mobile attribution
Marketing analytics
Deep linking
TV Attribution
Mobile App for tracking on the go

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Windows & Xbox, Amazon, tvOS, Unity, Cordova, Marmalade, Cocos2ds, Adobe Air, React Native

Pricing plan: 30-Day free trial, custom plan upon request

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Offices: San Francisco, New York, Herzliya, Beijing, Berlin, Haifa, London, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangalore, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Kiev

Support: email (, help center

4. GameAnalytics

GameAnalytics is a free and flexible analytics tool specific for improving KPIs for the entire portfolio. More than 54 thousand game developers use this platform to optimize their games. It has over 850 million active players and it is used in more than 63 thousand titles. This free player analysis platform is a great choice for developers, from indies to large games studios. It helps them to analyze, understand, and monetize their players by making the right decisions based on data.


Tracking campaigns
Collect, visualize and track player data in one platform
Improving game by error tracking
Integrated with many platforms
Completely free

Platforms supported: Unity, Unreal, iOS, Android, Javascript

Pricing: completely free to use, no pricing models

Headquarters: Kopenhagen, Denmark

Offices: London, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Beijing

Support: FAQ page, contact form for support

5. Adjust

Unified mobile app analytics tool that gathers mobile marketing data in one simple interface. You can spot hourly trends, evaluate user LTV and analyze cohorts. This platform allows users to track all in-app events and sync data back to their own BI platform. Adjust track events over the span of a user’s lifetime, aggregating all of their engagement data in the dashboard. With the cohort analysis, you can segment the users by creative, install date, location and more. Fraud Prevention Suite protects you from malicious and fraudulent activity.


App and Advertising platform
Fraud Prevention Suite
Fully customizable event tracking
Custom segmentation of audience
Access to raw data
Real-time data

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, Windows Store, Windows Phone

Pricing plan: basic plan starting from 100€, Business plan and Custom plan (upon request)

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Offices: Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Paris, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai, São Paulo

Support: Adjust docs — page answering the most frequent problems, email support (

6. Tune

Mobile app analytics and performance marketing platform. It tracks the whole journey of the customers by unifying touchpoints across every channel. In 2018 it was acquired by Since then, TUNE’s Attribution Analytics platform is a part of the Branch. Tune is a single integrated solution for measurement and engagement across the entire customer journey. People-based Attribution means that you have to miss anything. You’ll have 30% more data to optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI. It has powerful targeting and measurement technology with 25 billion events tracked monthly.


Unifying touchpoints
part of the Branch
People-Based Attribution engine
fraud detection
cohort analysis
cost ingestion/ROI

Platforms supported: Android, iOS, tvOS, Javascript, Windows

Pricing: free up to 10K MAU, Startup and Enterprise plan (upon request)

Headquarters: Seattle, United States

Offices: Seattle, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, New York City, Seoul, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Gurugram

Support: contact over email after submitting a support ticket

7. Kochava

Kochava is a mobile app analytics and attribution platform for tracking user acquisition, engagement and LTV (long term value) for mobile application. With the Kochawa mobile analytics platform, you’ll be able to see and capture all the important data points, create cohorts of users. Data set you’ll be able to export in a variety of formats. You can track lifetime value (LVT) of your users and analyze true return on investment (ROI).

Fraud prevention
Real-time data
True LTV
Retention Analytics 90+
Funnel view

Platforms supported: Android, iOS, tvOS, Windows & Xbox One, Unity, ReactNative, Cordova, Adobe Air, Xamarin, Web SDK, Corona Labs, Adobe DPS, Adobe Analytics

Pricing plan: Free App Analytics, more advanced Attribution Analytics and Unified Audience Platform starting at $100

Headquarters: Sandpoint, United States

Offices: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Dublin, Beijing, Seoul, Singapore

Support: support page with FAQ, phone (tel:+8555624282) or email (

8. MixPanel

Mobile app analytics platform with many analytical tools like funnel analysis or cohort analysis. It doesn’t have a live demo. By default, Insights show the top events in the last 96 hours. MixPanel app analytics has multiple tools for the different needs of app marketers. Those are Insights, Live View, Formulas, Flows, Funnels, Retention, and Signal. Funnels allow you to track how your customers move through your app or website by creating a series of step through events. The user can see which features increase conversion, engagement, and retention. Maybe the most special report is the Addiction report — it explores your user’s retention.

Multiple tools (Insights, Live View, Formulas…)
Free for 5 million data points
Live view
Addiction Report

Platforms supported: iOS, Android

Pricing plan: based on data points — free plan (5 million data points per month), basic plan (starting at 10 million data points per year), enterprise (upon request)

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Offices: San Francisco, New York, Lehi, Seattle, London

Support: Mixpanel Community, Help Center, email (

9. Appsee

Appsee is a mobile app analytics platform for measurement of user experience with your native mobile apps on two platforms — Android and iOS. With Appsee you’ll be able to understand exactly how users interact with your apps. Results are shown in real time after the session or video recording has completed. You can record users, touch heatmaps or use in-app analytics. However, not all devices support user recording.

Video recording
Touch heatmaps
In-app analytics
Visual Reports
Free trial

Platforms supported: iOS, Android

Pricing plan: Free plan for 1 app with 2500 monthly sessions, Premium plan (with 14-day free trial), Enterprise (upon request)

Headquarters: Tel Aviv-Zafo, Israel

Offices: Tel Aviv-Zafo, New York

Support: email (, support forum

10. Flurry

Flurry Analytics is integrated into the app in only five minutes, and they come with support for the Android and iOS platform. It is a part of Yahoo’s Developer Network. This easy to use platform allows you to track new users, active users, sessions and more. You’ll be able to monitor app performance and compare the metrics. In one dashboard you’ll have detailed insight in user and session activity. With crash reporting, you’re able to identify issues and bugs in your app. Flurry Analytics comes with the app for monitoring your app’s performance anytime, anyplace. According to their website, it’s used by 250,000 developers in 940,000 apps.

Event tracking
Funnels tracking
Crash reporting
Completely Free
Crash Analytics
Raw Data Download

Platforms supported: iOS, Android, React Native, watchOS, Unity

Pricing plan: completely free

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Offices: San Francisco, New York, London, Chicago, and Mumbai

Support: FAQ page, email support (

11. Facebook Analytics

Facebook’s omnichannel analytics for better understanding the actions of users on the web, in the apps and on Facebook. Here you’ll be able to visualize people’s progress to conversions through their actions across your Page and website, mobile and desktop. You’ll be able to accurately measure people’s retention over time. Facebook Analytics allows you to get a full view of how people interact with you across your website, apps, Facebook Page, and bots in one report. With the use of machine learning to analyze and monitor the data, you’ll be able to take action more quickly.


Revenue tracking
Custom Dashboards
Automated Insights
Lookalike Audiences
Custom Audiences

Platforms supported: Web, iOS, Android

Pricing plan: completely free

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Offices: Facebook has offices around the world (New York City, San Francisco, Paris, London, Tel Aviv…)

Support: help center, Stack Overflow community, Facebook Developer Community

12. UXCam

UXCam is a mobile app testing and management tool designed with product managers, UX designers and app developers in mind. UXCam allows mobile app developers to pinpoint app issues easily to enhance user experience. App developers can watch recordings of users’ sessions to identify any potential problems. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can increase app engagement, attract more users, and reduce churn with UXCam since it enables developers to get to the root of a problem. In short, UXCam improves app KPIs by offering an understanding of your users.

Key Features:

Session Replay & Analysis

Heatmap & Screen Analysis

User Journey Analysis

Funnel Analysis

Platforms supported: iOS & Android

Pricing plan: Limited Free Plan, Pricing upon request

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Offices: Berlin, San Francisco

Support: Email (, Support Slack, Helpdesk Chat (on

What can be tracked through mobile app analytics?


If you are using mobile app analytics, you’ll be able to see statistics about the automatically collected events as well as the custom ones. Automatically collected events are triggered by user interactions with your app. It can be an ad click, ad exposure, ad impression… Events can be analyzed further. Also, details can be broken-down for that specific event. That means using parameters like event location, event demographics and more.

Some events are general — they can be applied to all apps. Others are specific for a niche of the app like retail/e-commerce or travel.


Conversions are the most important events — they identify the most valuable users. It is crucial to track these events. They tell us what is the flow of the user journey preceding the conversion events.

Often, the three most important conversion events will be predefined. Those are:

FIRST OPEN — when a user opens the app for the first time

IN-APP PURCHASE — when a user completes an in-app purchase, including an initial subscription

E-COMMERCE PURCHASE — when a user completes a purchase


Audiences are users that you group together on any combination of attributes that is important to your business. That way you can see behaviors of different segments of your users. Mobile app analytics include segments — in which users are grouped by the activity, the ARPU, the app version they user, age, gender, country/region, their interests.


A cohort is a set of users that started using your app around the same time (or same day of the week). It’s important to track cohorts to know the retention rate by seeing how many users end up coming back to your app. Retention cohorts will often be shown in a chart, where each row will represent a cohort.

On the above chart, the bottom row is the most recent cohort. The top row represents the earliest cohort. Darker shades represent a higher percentage of the users who returned to the app.


A funnel is a visual representation of steps that a user has taken in order to achieve a certain action (i.e. conversion). Funnels are also used to visualize the completion rate of a series of steps (events) in your app. For example, a funnel can contain the steps necessary to create an account within your app. You can filter funnel reports by audiences or user properties to see whether some segments of your user base achieve a higher completion rate.


Mobile app analytics help us learn how users engage with our products and campaign so we can make them better. In the end, knowing the behavior of your users is crucial for the success of your app. Multiple free mobile app analytics listed above give you insight into the app data. They can be completely free or offer a demo or trial for testing. Knowing your expectations is important when choosing a mobile app analytics platform. Many of the mobile app analytics platforms mentioned are going beyond just collecting data about the users and the app, offering mediation of ads, crash analysis, deep linking, and attribution.

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