Top 5 DLT Blockchain Protocols to Consider in Your Project

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May 23, 2018 · 9 min read

What Is DLT Blockchain?

DLT Blockchain technology is based on the distributed ledger that operates on a principle of using nodes. This circle of independent computers record, process, synchronize and share all digital transactions in their own electronic ledgers. Such approach allows excluding a centralized data storage as it is in a traditional ledger. DLT Blockchain protocol distributes the information into encrypted blocks. Those blocks organize together an append-only chain.

DLT Security Risks: What Should You Be Aware Of?

As we mentioned the security guidelines, you probably guessed that there are some concerns about data protection in the DLT ecosystems. Let’s explore this topic a little deeper because every investor would ask two logical questions:

1. Untested and Low-Quality Code

First and most important is that you should hire only the professional DLT developers — preferably even teams from the development companies who are visible and known on the market. The answer to ‘why?’ question is simple — you don’t need the heavily experimental code from cheap freelancers or some ambiguous agencies.

  • Multiple times peer-reviewed code ready for actual safe deployment;
  • Scalable DLT Blockchain protocols and smart contracts tested by specialized testing agencies.

2. Access Breaches

Actually, this issue comes not from the DLT Blockchain technology itself but reflects on the endpoint security of the whole ledger. The endpoint represents a verge where people and blockchains meet. It mostly means a computer, a smartphone or other gadget that a human or a business brand uses to access some blockchain service.

  • If you plan to store the keys on the gadget, then use a good encrypting app to protect them.
  • Install and constantly update the strong anti-viruses for various OSs for both computers and mobile phones. And run the regular scans.
  • If you need to share your keys via an email, then use only the email feature in the encrypted blockchain wallet.

3. DLT Blockchain Technology Risks Associated With Vendors

The main purpose of distributed ledgers is to transfer the information in and out of it, which is possible due to the usage of third-party solutions. As the world will keep continuing the adoption of the DLT blockchain protocols, we can also expect a huge growth of third-party solutions at least within these blockchain areas:

  • E-Wallets
  • Payment platforms and processors
  • FinTech solutions
  • Integration platforms for DLT protocols

Top 5 DLT Blockchain Technology Protocols

There are more than two dozens of various distributed ledger technology protocols but some of them are more commonly accepted than others. As they say, the first and original was the Bitcoin open-sourced protocol, but these days, we have a chance to see the rise of many additional services that created DLT protocols.

#1 Ethereum

#2 Hyperledger

#3 Openchain

#4 Corda DLT Blockchain

#5 BigChainDB

Afterword About DLT Blockchain Technology

If you’re still hesitating whether to say yes to DLT blockchain investing, let us assure you that the distributed ledger technology is already a symbol of future. It opens up the doors for great transformations and higher profits in many industries from finances, banking and loT to healthcare, manufacturing and real estate.

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