Top 6 Female Founded Companies by CB rank

Jun 13, 2018 · 4 min read

Ladies long ago rock the business world being on the forefront of innovations. Here is a list of female founded companies that have raised a Series A in the last year featured on CrunchBase.

SpringWorks Therapeutics

Biotechnology / USA

Founder: Lara S. Sullivan

Founded date: 2017

Money raised: 103 000 000$

SpringWorks Therapeutics is a new type of therapeutic development company. SpringWorks team is on a mission to connect scientists, biopharmaceutical partners, patient groups, funders and philanthropists to deliver promising, transformative science to underserved patients.

Company follows mission-driven approach to therapeutic development by springing into action to deliver treatments to people who are in urgent need.

Tmunity Therapeutics

Genetics, Health Care, Therapeutics / USA

Founder: Anne Chew, Bruce Blazar, Bruce Levine, Carl June, James Riley, Yangbing Zhao

Founded date: 2015

Money raised: 100 000 000$

Tmunity Therapeutics is a private biotherapeutics company focused on saving and improving lives by delivering the full potential of next-generation T cell immunotherapy to more patients with devastating diseases. Tmunity is developing novel T Cell Receptor (TCR) engineered T cells, regulatory T cells (Treg), and universal engineered T cell platforms that exhibit best-in-class control over T cell activation and direction in vivo, as well as proprietary technologies to activate, expand, and genetically engineer T cells from peripheral blood, cord blood and tumors.

The company is rapidly advancing toward the clinic personalized next-generation immunotherapies for oncology, infectious diseases and autoimmune disease.

Horizon Robotics

Robotics, Semiconductor, Service Industry / China

Founder: Annie Tao, Chang Huang, Fang Yi, Kai Yu, Ming Yang

Founded date: 2015

Money raised: 100 000 000$

Horizon Robotics is the leader of embedded Artificial Intelligence. The company is dedicated to providing integrated and open embedded Artificial Intelligence solutions of high performance, low power and low cost. The company envisions world’s more than 1,000 devices, such as autonomous vehicles, to be equipped with “brains”, becoming intelligent entities that have the ability from perception, understanding to decision-making for safety, convenience and fun.

Horizon team combines algorithms, software, hardware and chip development capabilities as well as a strong R&D team with rich industrial experience.

Gossamer Bio

Health Care / USA

Founder: Faheem Hasnain, Sheila Gujrathi

Founded date: 2015

Money raised: 100 000 000$

Gossamer Bio is a San Diego-based company focused on the discovery and development of novel and differentiated therapeutic products, to address high unmet needs amongst various targeted patient populations. Founded by the former Receptos executive team, Gossamer Bio’s strategy is to leverage an asset-rich in-licensing environment, with a focus on areas of high unmet need, utilizing a team with a strong track record of execution in immunology, inflammation, fibrosis and oncology.

United Masters

Marketing, Music, Music Label / USA

Founder: Kristina Salen, Kristina Salen, Steve Stoute

Founded date: 2017

Money raised: 70 000 000$

United Masters unites technology, storytelling and culture and gives musicians an alternative to exploitative record label deals. Artists pay United Masters a competitive rate to distributes their music across the internet from Spotify to YouTube to SoundCloud, and they split the royalties while the artist retains the rights to the master recordings.

The most promising artists are invited to receive financial, marketing and distribution support backed by a team of music marketing experts.

Singlera Genomics

Genetics, Health Care, Health Diagnostics / USA

Founder: Johny Zhang, Kun Zhang, Qiang Liu, Rui Liu, Yuan Gao

Founded date: 2014

Money raised: 60 000 000$

Singlera Genomics is a fast growing company focusing on non-invasive genetic testing. Singlera’s main products and services include tumor diagnosis and personalized treatment, non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, pre-implantation genetic screening, and customized scientific research services. Singlera is dedicated to the development of precision medicine, striving to help the patients through early, accurate and informative diagnoses.

Additionally, Singlera Genomics provides customized next generation sequencing services to pharmaceutical companies and medical research institutions. It has operation centers in the United States and China.

Written by Natalia Kukushkina

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