Blockchain: Concurrence of Tech, Women and Digital Economy

Top influential women in blockchain

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It’s 2019, and it is still part of the legacy system to identify the world of tech and finance to be conspicuously male-dominated. However, times are changing now and with disruptive technologies like Blockchain taking over the conventional finance ecosystem, it seems like Blockchain could be the much-sought key for empowering women in this tech-driven world.

Despite the surge in the push for diversity in tech, enduring barriers such as limited access to finance, cultural limitations and many more are hindering the women globally from positioning themselves rightfully in this progressing digital economy.

Nevertheless, history itself testifies that women don’t wait for a change, rather they make it happen.

From one of China’s 21 self-made female billionaires, Lucy Peng, CEO of Lazada to Former CEO of Ant Financial to JPMorgan’s CFO, Marianne Lake, women in technology portray that their contributions to tech and finance can and should be valued.

Blockchain and “Wow-men”

Many women have been deprived of being in charge of anything in their lives even in this evolving worlds, and it is undeniably empowering to be in charge of their own finances which is possible with cryptocurrencies!

Just as how blockchain has ingrained itself as a challenger to the traditional finance ecosystem, women have also been the pioneers of innovation, leadership, and success in high tech worlds such as blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape. Although the women holding senior positions in crypto and blockchain companies continue to be a minority, for now, stats affirm that fewer than one in seven partners at hedge funds and private equity firms are women.

CoinDCX’s vision for women in blockchain

At CoinDCX, we believe that simple diversity of thought, a little perspective and culture could largely impact any field, not just engineering, which is why we present to you a drop from the ocean that will optimistically inspire many others to move past FUD and get going in the cryptocurrency landscape!

CoinDCX aims at accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency across diverse verticals so that everyone in the world irrespective of their gender can benefit from greater financial freedom and inclusion.

We are bringing you 8 dynamic and versatile women in crypto, their inspirational stories and their message for all women out there.

Wendy Spill, Blockchain Media, Marketing and Consulting

Wendy Spill, Crypto Influencer

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011/2012, when a family member asked if they could borrow my credit card to purchase some so he could order computers parts. I immediately said NO, I didn’t understand… Read more.

Jillian Godsil, CEO of Unthinking The World, Blockchain Advocate

Jillian Godsil, Co-Founder at Blockleaders

“For the first time in my working career, my age and gender is an advantage. I’m a woman and I’m in my fifties (early).”…..… Read more.

Margaretta Colangelo, Managing Partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures

Margaretta Colangelo, Managing Partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures

One of the reasons that I am interested in Blockchain is the potential to increase female financial inclusion in the world. Blockchain will open up opportunities for more buyers and sellers, many of whom will be women. Blockchain will provide opportunities for women throughout the world to engage in business and increase female financial empowerment.

Blockchain has the potential to be as big a jump forward as the transition from the barter system to currency…Read more.

Yaliwe Soko, Chairwoman Blockchain Association of Africa

Yaliwe Soko, Chairwoman Blockchain Association Africa and Founder at Essence Crypto

My story started back in 2016, before then I knew nothing about cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

The most amazing thing I was the fact that I could exchange this digital currency for cash and pay my bills. In May 2016, I needed an additional income to sustain my living costs, so I started looking for part-time jobs… Read more.

Anna Liubavina, Marketing Manager, IDAX Global

Anna Liubavina, Marketing Manager at IDAX Global

I have never thought about working in an IT company before but After years spent in the fashion industry that was time to move somewhere else and explore other opportunities of this world. First time I’ve heard something about bitcoin was in 2016 when people started mining in my hometown and built lots of mining farms in… Read more.

Debajani Mohanty, Author of Blockchain- From Concept to Execution

Debajani Mohanty, Author of Blockchain- From Concept to Execution

In an era when there were no voting rights for women and books bearing woman author’s name didn’t sell even in England, Odia women evolved in the field of education and contributed to the world of literature… Read more.

Anastasiia Pereverzeva, ICO Community Manager at Propulsive

Anastasiia Pereverzeva, ICO Community Manager at Propulsive

From my perspective, women in blockchain have the power to transform the space, turn poor opinions of the market into strong, positive ones… Read more.

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Why CoinDCX Cares!

These phenomenal women are the guiding light to many others who are perturbed to get into male-dominated high-tech industries. An exceptional thing about them is that they are not simply the achievers, but also are humbled to share their journey and learn from others.

CoinDCX aims to aspire society to not typecast women but treat them as equals. Our vision is to establish a society where there’s no need for words like women empowerment. We believe that the women should be entitled to be whatever or whoever they want to be, knowing at the beginning all of the possible permutations of the choices they make.

CoinDCX wishes happy women’s day to every woman who has got everything to take the world in her own stride!

This article is part of CoinDCX’s latest series — Women in Blockchain- where the stories of women are featured, who not only broke the glass ceiling themselves but also inspired many others to go beyond the barriers and flourish in high-tech.

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