Top Tip to Improve Your Presentation

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I’ve led many workshops over the last 20 years and have learned countless tips about improving my presentation. One of the best suggestions that I incorporated into my talk was to cater to learning styles.

Tip: Cater to learning styles

You are most likely to succeed as a presenter if you are aware of your audience’s different learning styles.

There are three main styles of learning: visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners. Try to use a style to suit every member of your audience.

Visual learners need to see the presenter. They learn through seeing.

· Write down instructions, use pictures, and time lines

· Give handouts and allow time for them to take notes

· Use visual displays such as posters, diagrams, overhead transparencies, videos, and flipcharts

Auditory learners need to hear the presenter. They learn through hearing.

· Offer verbal lectures and repeat words and concepts

· Organize small-group discussions, brainstorming, and debates

· Keep background noise and distractions at a minimum

Kinesthetic learners need to move and touch. They learn through doing.

· Offer hands-on activities and games

· Take frequent breaks to allow movement and not sit for long periods

· Work in groups and use role-play

By using a variety of teaching methods from each of these categories, you can accommodate different learning styles, and help your audience to remember more of what they learn.

Good luck. Or as they say in the theatre, break a leg!

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