True Freedom Is Carried On The Back Of Discipline

Ryan Fahey
Apr 23, 2018 · 3 min read
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While reading “Tribe of Mentors” by Timothy Ferriss, I was intrigued by many of the game changers he interviewed. Specifically, I was fascinated with Jocko Willink. Jocko was a former Navy Seal and current game changer. His ideas around self discipline were so incredible I wanted to share some of his insight with you as well.

Jocko takes a unique approach in stating that everyone wants freedom, yet very few people are willing to work for their freedom. Simply put — you get out of something what you put into it.

From this, I want you to think about your level of discipline in the following areas of your life by honestly asking yourself these three questions:

Are you measuring up to YOUR own standards?

Do you have a diligent practice of discipline in each area?

Are you weaker in certain areas? If so, how will you improve?

Now, let’s unpack these specific areas of discipline.


This is probably the most obvious of areas where freedom can come; at the cost of saving now. Many people do not fully grasp this concept and instead find themselves saying they want to be financially free yet do not spend what is necessary to have finances which are legendary.


Four times a week I run at 6am. Do I ALWAYS enjoy it? Absolutely not. However, investing in my physical health now will give me the freedom of more healthy years later in my life. In fact, running 1–1.5 hours per week can add about 5–6 years to your life. Heart health is wealth, yet many people today suffer from chronic health disease which could have been avoided through years of investment in physical activity by investing in the physical.


If you are not spending at least 1 hour per day reading, you are not going to be intellectually free. If you read 1 hour per day for five years that is 1,825 hours of reading. Sharpening the intellectual saw is the only way to become intellectually feee. That comes with intentional discipline and effort. Books do not read themselves….yet.


Take the 8:15 to the city” — The Guess Who

If you want to create the professional freedom you want, you will need to be taking the 6:15 to the city and don’t expect to retire to the TV following dinner. Professional freedom in refining your craft takes time, energy and enthusiasm for greatness. It will take energy and discipline in your fringe hours to create magic and to become professionally free.

Ultimately, without intentional discipline it will be very hard for you to reach a life of freedom. The choice is really yours. Jocko repeadetly makes this intentional effort each day to push harder than 99% of individuals around him. What is holding you back from your freedom?

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