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Daniel Junior
Jan 10, 2019 · 16 min read

Mark Zuckerberg often says “move fast and break things” … in addition I would say “move fast, break things AND KEEP THE BEST BROKEN PIECES”. If all people kept the best parts of the books read they would be different from what they are today. Nowadays people use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or best saying TWINSTAFACE, to record their good moments [although some use them for bad times too], but better would be if people recorded the best words, phrases or paragraph from the books read instead just moments. People grow rereading books and not just reviewing scenes … better would be if existed a TWINSTAFACE for books! But you can create something like this as I explain in my SQNMind theory.

As I wrote earlier, the SQNMind theory - Sine Qua Non Mind theory - seeks to extract the best from each book. The theory consists to catalog the most interesting passages of the books into “essential” [Sine Qua Non] categories for the mind, the SQNMind. This will transform your brain into a ocean of raw knowledge ready to be adapted to your reality under any circumstances.

Here is a little of SQNMind that I wrote in the last days on the MEDIUM website. I just joined [and altered a bit] the articles to provide a reading at once. So read them and be inspired in TWINSTAFACE form [for books].

___________ S Q N Mind ___________

# PHILOSOPHY twinstaface

For Friedrich Nietzsche, nothing is as intrinsic to us as our dreams. In this context, William Faulkner, a north American novelist, said that “the wise have big dreams enough not to lose sight of them while pursue them”. The problem is that many people leave them in childhood or even in adult life and adopt defeatist positions such as “life is like that”.

Every Great Accomplishment [] is previously conceived in the imagination. To bring to reality is very hard, but it becomes palpable when you have constant energy and purpose. However, becomes illusory when you wait for favorable conditions to act. In this way, Winston Churchill loved “making things happen”, even when nothing was in favor of his dreams.

No one better to exemplify the imaginary conception of Great Accomplishment than the Mr. Henry Ford, who developed the assembly line mode of production, which revolutionized the industry. Henry failed several times, but he kept his energy and purpose in hope to bring to reality his dream to see his cars in the streets. He fought against critics who said that man would never replace horses by machines.

Once Ford was asked if he had conducted a search to find out what the people wanted as transport vehicle. “No” was his reply and complemented “If I had asked what people wanted, they would have answered a horse faster”. The dream of Henry Ford became ‘the consumption dream’ of the whole world. In fact, he had glimpsed what no other man had imagined … EUREKA!

EUREKA! The famous word pronounced by the Greek mathematician Archimedes when discovered how to measure the gold volume of the king’s crown. This was a great accomplishment in that time [and for our time too] which Archimedes worked hard to bring his EUREKA THOUGHT to reality, the Archimedes’ Principle.

If you abandoned your dream at some time in the past, rescue it! Recharge your energy and keep your purpose until your eyes shape the fulfillment of your dream! The destiny of a human being depends on the size of the dreams, mine and yours! Remember that one day someone looked to the dark sky and imagined “If I go to the moon”. Dream and make things happen! Make your EUREKA THOUGHT happens!

# MODUS OPERANDI twinstaface

During an a interview Mrs. Einstein declared: ‘Albert Einstein does not like to be a showcase. He would prefer work and play his violin. And when he is deep into a problem there is NO DAY and NO NIGHT’.

Taking a ride on Einstein’s theories, I usually say that everything is relative: to realize the big there must be the small; to appreciate the beautiful there must be the ugly; to win there must be the defeat; to enjoy the good there must be the bad; for everything in your life to make sense there must be someone or something around you to compare … this process is a kind of Extended Einstein Relativity.

If there had been day and night for Thomas Edison and Nikolas Tesla … maybe we were not living better than today. Did you imagine a world without their inventions? Who would build what they built? How many would have the Edison’s insistence to test more than a thousand filaments until finding one to use in the lamp? How many would have the Tesla’s endurance to improve the alternating current? Probably there is someone capable to do something like that, but must work in NO DAY and NO NIGHT modus operandi like Thomas and Nikolas worked.

To hear ‘there is NO DAY and NO NIGHT’ can scare many people, but not those who already act this way. The 120 hours per week worked by American businessman Elon Musk may be a successful modus operandi for him, but it may not work for you. However, if you never try to give your maximum in pursuit of a purpose you will never know if the Musk modus operandi will work for you.

The fact is that ‘NO DAY and NO NIGHT’ means focus. The Extended Einstein Relativity that I quoted above should not happen in relation day and night when you are focused! Day and night should look the same thing when you are working hard! So forget the sun, forget the moon and pursue your purpose without look around you! And if you have ‘time’ play your favorite musical instrument like Einstein used to do!

# ORIENTATION twinstaface

Once Winston Churchill stated “in the absence of a supreme orientation of war, events and the enemy take the control”. Then you do not have to go to war to take Churchill’s advice even because in your daily life you are in the personal “wars”, each one with its grandeur! If you do not have an orientation to your personal life, everything around you will lead you to a place that you did not want and you will ask yourself what happened to make this place your reality.

However, to take some guidelines for your life, it is necessary to obtain some knowledge and extract from it what will be good for your daily life. Such knowledge can be acquired by reading something, listening to someone, watching things happening or even living news life experiences day by day. After careful analysis of the knowledge acquired you will establish the orientations to follow in your personal life. Best saying … you will establish the life elevator “BUTTONS to PRESS” in your personal life!

The British scientist Michael Faraday read each book that he bound in the little book factory he worked. The king of Macedonia Alexander “The Great” learned a lot about philosophy listening to the Greek philosopher Aristotle . The vice admiral Horatio Nelson acquired large experience watching others commanding officers. All they built their life elevator “BUTTONS to PRESS”, their own orientations to their lives.

But we do not need to go so far to exemplify the importance of the building the life elevator “BUTTONS to PRESS”, orientations. Look at me … reading biographies, I learned that reading is not enough. You have to read and keep the lessons learned from the “biographyED”; listening to my children I learned that they also have the ability to keep the lessons learned; watching my parents I learned that they also have lessons to be learned and experiencing the military life I learned that all lessons learned should be kept. Naturally, all lessons learned become orientations!

All this learning resulted in my theory called “Sine Qua Non Mind - SQNMind”, the best orientations that I created in my life!

# LEARNING twinstaface

For American historian Barry Strauss “the greatest mistake of a winner after winning a battle is to wait for success to fall on his lap. The looser will probably be more ingenious than ever”. So the winner must evaluate very well the next move to maintain the victory. Being impartial, it is noticeable in the history there were winners that failed in their post-victory moves.

Great wars … It was known the humiliation suffered by Germany at the end of the First World War but few were able to realize the military preparation of the Germans to recover their lost lands and their “reputation” as a nation. The allies thought they had ended any German hopes of fighting another war and relaxed. Meanwhile, the great loser of the First World War innovated as never before and shocked the world with his revolutionary Blitzkrieg [lightning war] tactics in the Second World War.

Space race … The Russians won the “battle” to send a man to the orbit of earth in 1961, but they lost the “war” to send a man to the moon. When stepping on the moon in 1969, the North American astronaut Neil Armstrong said to the whole world “that is one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind”. The Russians relaxed after going to orbit while the Americans were boosted [still] in 1961 by President John F Kennedy’s speech which proposed “landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth until the end of the 1960s”.

September 11 … The beginning of “war on terror” around the world with innovations regarding anti-terrorism legislation and intelligent service. From 9/11 nothing, or almost nothing, could be able to escape the eyes of the world and no one else could synthesize in a few words American sentiment as President Bush did by saying “this conflict was initiated in time and under the terms of third parties, but it will end on the way and in the moment we choose”. Ten years later the North Americans eliminated the person responsible for 9/11 attack.

The positions of winner and loser were alternated between many countries in the past in different areas for countless reasons. Maybe while you read these words a country is overtaking another one in technology. But this is not just about countries. It concerns every human being in the world, including you! In the future, winners and losers will continue to alternate such positions because the loser will probably be more ingenious than the winner and the winner will probably relax!

So if you are a winner find out what the loser is doing to overcome you and do better. Do not relax! If you are a loser, act like a winner! Regardless your position now … lways etter han our pponent []!

# DARING twinstaface

At a particular time when the United States was helping people in need in conflict countries, as Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush, Donald Henry Rumsfeld said “The Defense Department is well connected with the international humanitarian aid agency [AID]. So we want to make sure we are feeding the right people”. He wanted warranty because food would be thrown by airplanes and it was not a easy task to do.

Rumsfeld complemented saying “Do not the good, and no evil will come of it”. The criticisms could say that they [USA/AID] were feeding the wrong people or they could say that the food was not enough. Even this Rumsfeld maintained his position to help the people in need. In short, the Rumsfeld’s actions were: regardless of the criticism, do not stop.

Another way of doing good … a bit before the outbreak of World War II, Albert Einstein wrote his famous letter to the President of the United States warning him that the Germans could be developing atomic bombs and suggested that the USA start its own nuclear program. The butterfly effect of this Einstein’s letter finished with a nuclear attack in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, six years later the letter.

Did you imagine what would happen if there were not such letter? Maybe you were reading this article in German. For the allies and for the world the Einstein letter was good because it indicated the way to be followed to end the war. But Einstein blaming himself for the terror caused by the new kind of war and reproached his own letter.

Rumsfeld and Einstein did good actions, but the methods used by third parties from their good intentions were different. Airplanes for one and atomic bomb for other … good and bad way! Both received positive and negative criticism. Only one man would be able to synthesize this beneficial bipolarity: Niccolo Machiavelli.

If Einstein could write a letter to Machiavelli, among other things the following sentence could be written: “Dear prince friend how to say that the end justifies the means if I the beginning no more is desired?” … maybe the answer could be “Dear relative friend, “”we become hated both doing good and doing evil“”, so the beginning does not matter”.

In the delivery of this imaginary letter, Rumsfeld could say to Machiavelli “Hey, I warned Einstein “”Do not the good, and no evil will come of it“”, but he showed me his tongue”.

# KNOWLEDGE twinstaface

Only a seaman realizes to what great extent an entire ship reflects the personality and ability of an individual , her commanding officer. To a landsman, this is not understandable and sometimes it is even difficult for us to comprehend, but it is so!

After commanding a warship I made the Joseph’s words above, my own. Why? In simple words he was able to synthesize the essence of what is to be a Captain. Each gestures, each step and each move given will reflect ‘you’ upon the subordinates. To understand what I mean just read below what I said to my crew when I leave the warship as a commander:

/// To leave the beloved is arduous and contradictory … To my crew, you can not be a good sailor unless you go overboard. It is not Good to be a sailor unless you are proud of it. You will never be a sailor unless you fall in love with your ship. I have pride because here I had by my side: sailors, good sailors, proud sailors and sailors in love with this warship.

To leave the beloved is arduous and contradictory … I fell in love with this warship. I did not represent here. Here I learned, I led and I experienced the euphoria of each second drawn by destiny. Sometimes with laurels, sometimes with regrets. But nothing would be possible if I do not count with you gentlemen, my subordinates. Without you, nothing would be me. As without me, nothing would be you. In this warship, the whole prevailed over the unit.

To leave the beloved is arduous and contradictory … I treated you as if my children were. For this affection I did not tolerate your faults. I did not hesitate to impose discipline. I demanded and I was attended. The danger reached us countless times, but you took away from the tribulation, the calm and the security. And so I kept my promise: to bring you to your homes in the same way as you went to the sea, in health. However, more trained.

To leave the beloved is arduous and contradictory … My men, here I leave my last guidelines, I urge you to continue the work developed and to keep your hearts and minds in the spirit of the labor to the maximum, in Latin: Opus Maximum. Spirit this, idealized by me and cultivated by you. Do not discourage even immersed in the world where the material needs of life overtake immaterial values. Rise above mere existence. Do not ask what the Navy can do for you, but what you can do for the Navy. The mere junction men do not produce sailors, train. And that the work of you, even after your departures, remain indelible in the soul of this warship.

To leave the beloved is arduous and contradictory … Conscious or not, either by idolatry or by force of hierarchy, the military that here worked with me, built an irreversible friendship. Firm like titanium. Not like smoke in the air, which fades with time. I know that by position imposed by the Command I did not allow to show you such friendship. But at the end of this ceremony, see me as your former commander, a friend to trust.

To leave the beloved is arduous and contradictory … Finishing my last moment and close to start my first moment of nostalgia, I make the words of the Admiral Tamandare, my own: “honor is a feeling that is above life and everything that exists in the world”. Having said this I say: that here in this warship remain what I have of immortal, my honor.

Finally, to leave the COMMAND is arduous and contradictory … One of the greatest leaders of the nineteenth century said: “In life we ​​need something to LOVE and something to HATE”. Paraphrasing Otto von Bismarck: I LOVE the Command and I HATE leave it! \\\

In fact everyone is in charge/Command, be the front of a relationship, marriage, family or even the front of yourself. Paraphrasing Conrad, sometimes there is one person who, in the hour of emergency, can turn to no other person … it is you! It is just you in charge of your life!

# AMBITION twinstaface

Without the writing you, dear reader, would be unable to read the words that your eyes are following on your cell phone, lap top or desk top. Without the writing I would be unable to to give you any kind of information. Without the writing the learning of humanity should be passed to future generations by telling. A word, phrase, paragraph or book when well written and rich in content can reach countless generations in the world. However, outstanding actions are necessary to arouse interest in being registered. And to carry out such actions is required ambition … but not in anywhere or anytime.

It is not valid to write anywhere/anytime and much less to write about anything. How much is valuable a rich well-written text stored in a drawer? Nothing! How much is valuable a brilliant action seen by nobody? Nothing! If no one had “seen” Jesus after his death and no one had written about it … maybe the Christianity would not exist! But the events of Christianity happened in the right place and right time … around the Roman empire, the center of the world’s attention at that time!

Outstanding actions must have audience and must be written by someone or recorded in video by someone [taking into consideration today’s technology]. But such actions must be performed in a specific place in due time, where they can become the beginning of a “butterfly effect” … a place and time that I call of ROSETTA stone!

In its literal sense, the ROSETTA stone is a fragment of a Ancient Egypt rock whose inscription shows a decree promulgated in 196 BC, in the name of the king Egypt Ptolemy V, that was registered in three paragraphs with the same text in the hieroglyphic, demotic and ancient Greek. These text in different languages was crucial to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

In its metaphorical sense, the ROSETTA stone would be a place and time to act in an extraordinary way, a right place and right time to begin a “butterfly effect” that must be accompanied and written about it.

Many people do daily outstanding actions but not on a “stage” of visibility, on a ROSETTA stone. Many of them are not even looking for a stage, they only do. There are many talents scattered around the world, but few of them shine. Hence the importance of knowing where and when to act! Some people are on the right place and right time [ROSETTA stone] but do not act in an extraordinary way.

Martin Luther King was not the only one fighting for the rights of blacks; Steve Jobs was not the only one building a personal computer; the Wright brothers were not the only ones wishing to fly on a revolutionary platform … but they found the right place and right time to spread their work. They found their ROSETTA stone.

In may 1740, the Prussian king Frederick II The Great ascended the throne at age 28 and as first audacious actions he added 10,000 men to the powerful army forged by his father, claimed the rights of Prussia over some cities and openly challenged the authority of the empress Maria Teresa of Austria over the rest of Germany. On December 13, 1740, Frederick II offered a great festivity in his palace. The next day, without sleep, he went to battle and won … so began the expansion of Prussia. In short, Frederick took his ROSETTA stone and turned the Germany into a superpower. Once he stated “my interest is to put my name in the history” … this is ambition, the main condition to find the ROSETTA stone.

Julius Caesar, before being emperor, cried at the foot of the statue of Alexander The Great. He realized that the king of the Macedonian had reached a great empire at younger age and Caesar, by the age of 40, had not yet achieved his own empire. But Caesar’s ambition to be the first in Rome was so great that he found his ROSETTA stone and registered his name in the history. Today we have the July month of the calendar in his honor; the name Caesar became synonymous of emperor even in other languages ​​like kaiser and czar, in German and Russian respectively; even the way how Julio Caesar was born became a landmark: cesarean childbirth.

Why not try to do the best? Why not try to do outstanding actions? Why not try to write your name in the history? The kind of history of each one depends on the size of the individual ambition. Some may become “famous” in the history of family, school, neighborhood, work, state, country or world. Since when the writing appeared this possibility of famous registration opened for all! Some grab this opportunity, others do not. Some can easily see the right place and the right time to act, others do not … but you must have ambition! So to deny own ambition is to refuse to live in fullness! The worker that does not desire the highest post of his work, the athlete that does not want to be the champion, the writer that does not want to have his/her book among the best sellers … has a projection of life without fullness. Ambition the best, but do not forget to find your ROSETTA stone, the right place and right time to act! The pursuit for this is in your hands!

___________ S Q N Mind ___________

A person with SNQMind has a good chance of succeeding in different situations when compared to those who do not read or read and do not keep the lessons learned. Separate passages from the books and create categories that most fit your profile. Read it as many times as you can. With a SQNMind in hand you will never be the same person.

Remember … people grow rereading books and not just reviewing scenes. A ‘TWINSTAFACE for books’ does not exist but you can create something like this using the SQNMind theory to KEEP THE BEST BROKEN PIECES. If you missed the last chapter regarding SQNMind theory click on MIND THE GAP .

The DJerian theory number ONE

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