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U.S. Dept.of Justice Nabbed Biggest Opioid Settlement In U.S. History From Suboxone® Peddler Reckitt -Benckiser

DOJ Charges Suboxone® Maker Reckitt-Benckiser “knowingly promoting the sale, use of Suboxone® — diverted for uses that lacked a legitimate medical purpose”

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7 min readJul 18, 2019

The Justice Department immediately released a press statement on their website Tuesday morning, July 16, 2019 that is shocking, frankly.

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Astounding in several regards.

Currently, there is an “opioid lawsuit” playing out in Oklahoma against Purdue Pharmaceuticals. They are also dragging Johnson & Johnson into the fray.

However, the Department of Justice has gotten their guy.

Reckitt Benckiser, maker of Suboxone® (the wonder drug manufactured in the early 2000’s as medication assisted therapy -MAT-for opioid addiction) has been shaken down to the tune of $1.4 billion in damages.

This is AND WILL BE THE largest settlement in opioid litigation history.


The irony is too much.

This settlement dwarfs what will be given out for OxyContin, the drug Suboxone® supposedly was made to “save” people from… IF the greedy machine wins and science loses.

However, in the filings made open for eyes to see, it appears the public was not made aware of the total con job being perpetrated upon them by the master propagandists employed for Reckitt-Benckiser — or later by their spin off company, Indivior.

F. The United States contends that it and the Medicaid Participating States have certain civil claims against RB Group, as…



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