UI/UX Case Study : A Brand New “Get Taxi Experience”

Aviel Moreno
Dec 26, 2017 · 3 min read
“Get Taxi” Redesign UI/UX

Set a Pickup Location And The Magic Begins

I tested the existing “GetTaxi” app with 10 participants in problematic pickup areas around Tel Aviv. My goal was to understand the pain points passengers and drivers faced, and try to come up with creative solutions.

The Problem:

Limited street signage, intense traffic on the road, and poor GPS accuracy meant that the passengers and drivers used point of interest to coordinate their pickup location. Users were getting frustrated when the driver called them to understand their pickup location.

The solution

Getting the passengers to walk to a nearby pickup location.

Sync your calendar

Users expect that “Get Taxi” will know more about them. They would like to set the destination more quickly.

I added a new feature that allows the user to sync his calendar. When he will sync his calendar, he will see a shortcut to his next event’s location.

Get a Van With Your Friends

I learnt alot through user stories and also learnt what users need. Users said that they will be happy to have the option to get a van with a group of friends and to split the payment together.

I created a flow to book a van, set your destination and invite your friends. At the day of the trip you will be able to see on the map, the pick up time and the route. You will also get trip notifications.

Let’s get started…:)

  1. Choose Get a Van on the main screen.

Invite Your Friends to The Trip

Plan Your itinerary

Plan where to stop and who to fetch

Usability Testing

I wanted to run a small experience to see if my solution works well. I used the above screens and built a prototype in InVision for the app. I shared it with users and gave them a few tasks to check if they understand the screens. The results were amazing!

My “Behance” Portfolio:


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