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Biking Surges in US Cities During COVID-19.

Can this trend be maintained safely?

New York City bike trip totals 2019–2020 Source:
Bike lanes, crashes, and increase in % of bike trips. Source: Eric Goldwyn and Elif Ensari
NYC transit volume drop in 2020. Source:


An extended protected lane on Queen’s Blvd. Source: Eric Goldwyn and Elif Ensari


A suggested protected bike lane on Broadway in Brooklyn. Source: Eric Goldwyn and Elif Ensari


A suggested protected lane through Harlem. Source: Eric Goldwyn and Elif Ensari

The Bronx

The Grand Concourse with a protected lane in the Bronx. Source: Eric Goldwyn and Elif Ensari
Dallas private auto trips week over week, 2020 Source:
Dallas vehicle miles traveled since March 2020. Source:




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