Variable density of Ether is the Basis of Mach principle

The “Mach principle” has several variating which have all in common that stellar objects of the entire universe are all interrelated. The sentence below is expressing this main aspect of Mach principle:

Inertial mass is affected by the global distribution of matter.

Inertial mass is expressed with following formula:

m = F/a.

On the Earth surface a=9,8 ms2.

Inertial mass we express as:

m = (Pmax — Pmin) x V

where Pmax is density of ether far away from a given physical object and Pmin is density of the ether on the object surface, and V is the volume of the object.

In the principle we can say that inertial mass of a given physical object is related to entire ether, because in principle Pmax is at infinite distance.

This means that through ether (which variable density is the origin of inertia) all physical objects in the universe are related. Let’s take for example our solar system: our Sun and all planets are diminishing density of ether and so are interrelated via ether. Each planet contributes to the way of other planets are rotating around the Sun via ether.

Also gravity force between stellar objects is acting via variable density of ether. Curvature of space in General Relativity is a mathematical description of the variable density of ether. More space is curved, less space is dense. The formula is following:

Guv is curvature tensor, K is Einstein constant, Pmax is density of the ether at big distance Pmin is density of the ether on the surface of the object.

The value of Einstein constant is: 1,26 x E10–36 m/kg.

Now imagine that gravitons are needed to carry gravity. According to the Mach principle in the universe all stellar objects are interrelated. Can you imagine that every stellar object is sending and receiving gravitons to all other stellar object in the universe. This seems impossible. The fact is that gravity is carried by the variable density of the ether. Via ether every object is in principle related to all other objects in the universe. Ether is the physical origin of Mach principle.

Albert Einstein

Gravity is acting via variable density of ether (superfluid quantum vacuum) which creates ether fluctuations from the Pmax towards the Pmin. Gravity is the physical property of ether diminished density caused by the given physical object. As Einstein used to say: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Ether is the fundament of the universe and should also become the fundament of physics. Without ether physics is like a man without one leg, without one eye and only with one hand.

If ether would be kept in physics, the entire development would go in the different direction. The idea of antimatter would never be born, because it is ether which is the complementary element of matter.

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Amrit Srečko Šorli

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Gazing at the night sky, I wonder: who was so bold that he thought the universe has a beginning and the end? I will fix Physics!

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