Visa Checkbot — Unique Chatbot for Global Visa Requirement Solution

Swapratim Roy
Sep 21, 2018 · 4 min read
Visa CheckBot

Starting of this year, two Chatbot enthusiast (me and my friend Victor Jubirca) did a short survey including people around us who like to travel abroad frequently for tourism or business purposes — to see how their experience can be improved. Almost all of them usually faced one common problem — finding correct Visa requirement details quickly before travel.

Each time they have to do Google search to find a website or an app which might or might not work well for their situations. Otherwise in a conventional way, they would like to ask their Visa requirement to their travel agencies to be on the safe side.

We got curious with the problem and started investigating deeper. We reached out to the local travel agencies too. But the problem seems almost same for them also — relying mostly on the internet without any concrete solution (at least most of the time).

We also found out that embassies also receive such Visa requirement queries to a great extent everyday. This queue up their work stack and delays the response time too. We understood that this is a far fetched problem than we thought initially and a good solution can save time and help a lot of people around the world.

Visa Checkbot Icon

The next stage of this solution was to identify a good platform. Websites were Ok — but they usually come with lots of trust factors (whether it is safe or unsafe to the user, considering GDPR issues etc). Mobile Apps were good — but installing an entire app to get a short piece of information only does not sound great, if you ask us. Installing an extra app can consume more memory and can slow down your phone unnecessarily.

So we came up with a very interesting concept. Why not designing a Chatbot which can assist anyone on a personal level — anytime? Yet no one has to install any app or open a website each time. Great idea! We found that there is no such Chatbot which can cover the entire world’s Visa requirement (from any source country to any destination country in the world).

This idea worked! So we developed an innovative Chatbot — Visa CheckBot which can tell you precisely what kind of VISA you do require to visit any part of the world. Voila! It’s that simple. Now all of your headache is gone. Just a few seconds of chatting with your favorite Visa buddy bot and you can get the information every time — for FREE. This can be the most handy chatbot for millions of travelers planning for their next trip everyday.

Visa Checkbot conversation image

Our vision is to make Visa Check Bot more powerful to provide greater help to you. After all it is people’s problem which fueled it’s digital birth. You can use Visa CheckBot in Messenger and refer your friends to use it too. Pretty soon it will be available in

  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Skype &
  • KiK

Marvin AI has helped a lot in this journey. From design to development, hosting to testing — Ajanta Das Roy (CEO of Marvin AI) extended help all the time to Visa CheckBot.

Please let us know your feedback in Facebook Page comments. Your feedback and ideas are the most important things to us! We have plan to add more features to the bot in future to evolve it as a more travel handy bot. Your ideas will help us to enrich our plan and its evolution.

Let us all make this world a bit more hassle free! Cheers :-)

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