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Want to Build a Successful Monetized Blog? Here’s Your Moment of Truth.

An Evergreen process to cashing in with your online voice

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Monetizing your blog is essentially the "Holy Grail" of online business right now.

It's incredibly achievable if you're a top performer in what you do and you're dedicated to pursuing it until it pays off.

And it pays off big…

I would know — I've turned my site into an automated and passive income machine and used that leverage to make extra cash with my freelancing on the side. While I'm not there completely — I'm closer now than ever to living on "Easy Street."

Getting to Easy Street isn't easy at all however. With that, I've complied a list of techniques, trick, strategies and hacks I've learned along the way that have helped with leveraging my blog in order to make that paper.

💰1. Pick and stick to a profitable niche

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“A woodpecker can tap twenty times on a thousand trees and get nowhere, but stay busy. Or he can tap twenty-thousand times on one tree and get dinner.”
― Seth Godin

I have met and know so many writers and bloggers thanks to sites like Medium and Quora.

I have seen so many people rise.

I've also seen so many people wither away only to be forgotten after a mere few months — way too many…

What is the cause of the people that don't last?

Well for one, they just give up. They don't have the stamina to run this marathon. That's okay — I truly believe not everyone is going to succeed in this business. Sorry I'm not sorry.

For the others, It's because they talk about too many things.

I get it… with the exchange of information that's so readily available, there is so much one can learn and share with the world. This is your downfall, however.

When you become an expert at one thing — you become a scarce luxury, when you become scarce — you become valuable.

What niche are you both interested in enough to promote over the long haul as well as experienced with enough to share in all of its glory?

This is the first and most important step to build your money-making blog.

💰2. Start building your email list

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Getting views, clicks, comments and traffic is great.

If you want to actually monetize your blog, however, you aren't going to get anywhere unless you start an email list.

There are many intricacies that go into building an optimized mailing list. I'm not going to go over in in this post, however, I have written 2 in depth pieces about it before (lucky you). You can take a look at the two articles here and here.

The above stories also go into creating your funnels and offers to get people to actually join your mailing list.

Spoiler Alert: The "Join my free newsletter where I share weekly stories and deliver them straight to you" as a strategy doesn't work at all…

Author and entrepreneur, Russell Brunson stresses the importance of the email list by illustrating exactly what that means. He claims that your email list is "content you own." You are in direct control of the message that is promoted (unlike content you don't own which the reader may have been exposed to by a serendipitous event).

💰3. Ask your audience what they want

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This may be an uncomfortable and strange feeling for a lot of you.

When you are first building your email list and people have taken a chance on your voice and vision (and they TRUST you) this is your opportunity to open up a conversation with these individuals.

You have chosen your niche — with this, you are supplanting yourself as an expert within said niche. You are also helping your audience.

Now is your opportunity to ask your audience what will help them out the most!

  • Is there an education module that you can build that takes them from "skinny-fat" to shredded (like a lot of fitness bloggers do and make beaucoup in doing so)?
  • Is there an ebook that you can write that illustrates how you can use a site like Quora to go from unknown writer to garnering an audience with millions of views (like I have — offered at a 66% discount with this link)?

There are so many things that an audience wants. You will never know unless you ask them. What are their pains? What are their dreams? What are their wants?

💰4. Give the people what they want

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It seems overly simplistic — but it's true.

So often in the conversations I have with my own audience, I'm asked when is the "right time" to start selling a product.

There is no right time.

There is only the right product or service to the right person. If you can build something that helps solve your readers' problems, they will buy it.

If you overdeliver on your promise and exceed all expectations, your readers will become repeat customers.

Repeating steps 3 and 4 is your path to a monetized blog. And more importantly, it’s your path to a growing and sustainable community of readers who trust you for your expertise and turn to you for all their challenges, when it comes to your chosen topic of focus.

Remember we want to become somebody’s favorite and someone who has kept pushing through when everyone else has withered away.

That’s it.

Become a favorite and your readers will return to you over and over again — creating more opportunity for you to serve them over and over.

👋🏻Hey there — I’m Jon

I’m a thinker, freelance ghostwriter and wine lover who writes articles about personal growth and psychological optimization. I also preach about monetizing your writing. Join over 1,200 readers getting my FREE Personal 6 day “Entre-Blogging” Course and my ongoing newsletters:


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