Watch How Gratitude Unfolds

Finding gratitude in the little moments.

Megan Minutillo
Dec 2, 2019 · 3 min read
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When you find gratitude in the smaller moments of life, you start to be grateful for everything.

Inspired by Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis, I started writing down just five things I was grateful for each day this year in my Start Today Journal.

Not six, not seven, not even ten — just five.

Each morning, I write down what I’m grateful for, on that day, and at that moment.

Each day looks different. Sometimes my list is made of big, grandiose, sparkly moments of gratitude. Most of the time, it’s a list of the smaller moments that make up my days and my life. Moments like when my husband makes coffee for both of us, even before I’m out of bed. Moments like when I get to teach a new class, or write a new piece, or get to work out for a lengthy period of time.

Sometimes it’s about celebrating a loved ones birthday.

Sometimes it’s about having a good, long, conversation with a dear friend.

Sometimes it’s about a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes it’s something else entirely — but you know what? When you write down little moments of gratitude, the whole world looks different. It trains your brain to receive information in a way that perhaps you didn’t before, and through that new reception, life seems brighter.

You don’t sweat the small stuff as much, either.

Paying the utility bills doesn’t seem so depressing when you realize that you are grateful to have money to pay them.

Hauling groceries up three flights of stairs doesn’t seem so annoying when you realize that you are blessed to have a fridge full of food.

Paying your rent or mortgage, and watching the numbers in your bank account dwindle doesn’t hurt as much when you realize that you have a roof over your head.

Getting up at the crack of dawn doesn’t feel so awful when you stop to look at the majesty of the sunrise.

Daylight savings doesn’t feel so bad when you stop to take in the glow of the moon.

When you start to lose people to tragedy or untimely deaths, you no longer hesitate when someone asks you your age. You say it aloud, and you say it proud. You have lived to see another day, and that is something to be grateful for, always.

Do you tell your partner or spouse that you love them before you both go off to work? Think about what your heart feels like when you say those words. Think about what it feels like to hear them back, too — for the ability to give and receive love is forever something to be grateful for.

When you start to name what you are grateful for each day, it becomes habitual. When you take the five minutes to write them down, it becomes more and more a part of you, and you start to find the gratitude in the moments where you thought you had none.

Little moments will suddenly have spark and light, and keep you feeling satisfied and full. They’ll inspire you to share your joy, and keep the gift of gratitude unfolding on and on.

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