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We A/B Tested Our Employees’ Lunch

The Results Were Astounding

“person holding burger bun with vegetables and meat” by Sander Dalhuisen on Unsplash

At my last job, we started to keep track of some performance metrics that were very specific to our industry, and we noted some bi-weekly fluctuations.

We noticed that on Thursday of every second week, performance was over the roof.

Performance per day

Bi-weekly is odd, we had obvious weekly fluctuations, such as productivity goes down drastically on Fridays. But every Thursday of every second week!?

We hypothesized hormonal fluctuations, release days of video games, happy-hours at popular bars, the timing of social events, and even the weather, but neither of them correlated.

The answer: Cafeteria

“bird's eye view of group of people” by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Turns out the cafeteria menu changed bi-weekly, and every other Thursday they served an incredible meat rich burger(with a tofu option for vegetarians)

Contrasted to the normal food available, which was mostly just carbs.

When the food available had fewer carbs and more protein/fat, employees performed better.

We asked management if they could always serve lower carb + higher protein/fat food, and they said yes, we were even willing to pay for the bother.

Our graph turned to this:

The spikes just on every other Thursday were gone, productivity soared!

Some employees were still bringing in food from home, so we made them attend a nutrition course held at our office to convince them to eat more protein.

All in all, after we discovered this, our company’s profits improved 50000%, we were acquired by Tesla, all the senior people who had quit came back for half the pay, and we managed to convince Elon Musk to work with us for free.

If you at any point thought this was real, you’re insane, stop A/B testing everything.

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