We Should All Have Our Own Bot

And our bots should be friends.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been working on a new experiment, with a couple friends, with the goal of giving everyone a personal bot.

Last Friday I posted this tweet:

I subsequently received a bunch of DM’s and texts that went something like this:

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Old bots

spam botstwitter botsslack botstwitch botstelegram botschat botsscheduling botssocial media botsbnet botsbanking botstinder botsassistant bots

or even those bots that are really just humans pretending to be bots.

Creating the Bot of The Future

Having your own bot has the potential to make your life more enjoyable; it will be up to you to decide how clever your bot is.

The smartest bots will be the ones that communicate with other bots on your behalf and without interrupting your daily life.

Ways to teach your bot new skills

It needs to be really easy to teach your bot. We currently have two different ways for your bot to learn and want to have a bunch more.

Which is why we’re opening the Bot.me Skills Training Program™ to companies and developers.

As large web companies begin to shut down their API’s we want to take the opposite approach and create an open API.

We want developers to actually love us and not feel duped so we won’t be doing things like the bullshit Instagram did by limiting their API as well as blocking url’s in people’s profiles or Twitter having a complete disregard for their developer partners time and time again.

Get involved with Bot.me

That’s all for now, be sure to reserve your bot today, follow us on Twitter, and ❤️ this post.

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Thanks Hiten, Beamer, James, Max, Tal, Michael, and Sydney for providing feedback on various drafts of this post.

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