What does WIIFM Mean and How to Avoid it

The Lie I once believed about WIIFM

Kimberley Payne
Apr 21 · 3 min read

Last winter, I found myself in a sour mood. I was unsettled in my spirit and knew something wasn’t right.

My mind went on a rational search to seek out the problem.

Is it this?

Is it that?

The quest to search out the reason for my blackness itself became yet another source of mental torment. It was a vicious cycle. The harder I looked for the answers, the darker I felt. It was like standing in a deep pit, trying to dig myself out — the more I dug, the deeper the pit.

I was losing the battle.

Fortunately, along my life’s journey, I’ve learned some lessons and I began to recognize certain signs of “uh oh!”

A telltale hint that I’m heading down a dark road is the acronym I learned in business school WIIFM — What’s In It For Me.

My professors taught that in any advertising campaign, the goal must be to answer WIIFM to the consumer.

When I turn that acronym on myself, it spells trouble. When I become self-centred and explore questions with a focus on my needs and myself only, I sink fast. That’s where darkness settles in and the harder I search to find the answer the worse condition I find myself.

Life is not about WIIFM. That’s a lie.

“Satan’s old lie is that real living happens when we live merely for ourselves, sucking in pleasure out of every possible delight we can pamper ourselves with. But God’s truth is that we really live when we pour ourselves out, in love, on others.” Rev. Kenneth Koeman

I’ve since written a small reminder and posted it in my writing room:

It’s not about you.

Every morning as I enjoy my hot coffee and soothing music, I can start my day meditating on those words:

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves” (Philippians 2:3 NIV).

My joy comes from loving and helping others. I feel good when I can make someone else feel good. This is how God designed me, not to be self-consumed but rather asking God to make me a blessing to someone else.

After all, Jesus said that self-denial is the beginning of the Christian journey (Mark 8:34 NIV).

Put yourself on the shelf. That is true happiness.

The acronym can now be changed to WCIDFY — What Can I Do For You.

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