What I Learned From Having a Job About The “Power of Giving”

Did you recently DO something valuable to your colleague or someone?

How did you feel?

I believe it feels great, right? And do you know what the power of Giving: It makes their and your day.

Most of us complain, “I want to give, but I don’t have anything to give.”

But having a job taught me that we always have something to give. Your knowledge, skills, time, love, compliments, kindness and more…

Everybody has something to give.

Be The Guy That People Can Count On

If you have a job, try to focus on one or two ways that you’re good at and add high value to a colleague. You don’t have to be Mother Teresa or Gandhi.

Try to give your five-minutes to help someone at your workplace. What can it be?

For me, it’s writing a LinkedIn recommendation. Every time I work with a person, I write detailed recommendations for them. And I receive a genuine thank you from them. It makes both of us feel good.

As of today, on Linkedin, I have written 21 detailed recommendations for different people (7 times as much as I get).

I also introduce two different people in my network who could benefit from knowing each other. It helps me to expand my network.

Reid Hoffman ( LinkedIn Founder) writes,

“If you set out to help others, you will rapidly reinforce your own reputation and expand your universe of possibilities.”

This act helped me to make some side hustle. I got some great work from my network. I never used websites like Freelancer and Upwork (these are great resources to get some good work).

I don’t depend on job advertisements, I get opportunities from someone in my network. It makes life easier. You’re as strong as your network.

I learn the act of networking and giving from my father. I watch him closely and he’s a great Networker and a giver. He always ready to help a person who needs him. He’s the man that people can count on.

He’s an active member of a non-profit mission. Just a few years back, when authorities had to select a president for a particular region. All members suggested his name because of his kind nature. He has a great relationship with every member.

Randy Komisar put it best:

“It’s easier to win if everybody wants you to win. If you don’t make enemies out there, it’s easier to succeed.”

Add something valuable in someone’s life.

Write recommendation or introduce two people.

Write a note to your boss to recognize your team member’s work.

Take an extra step to help a colleague or customer.

Share their valuable work on your social media channels.

Write a note to a team member for the extra efforts.

Find your own way to give and be the guy that people can count on.

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