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What I Learned In My 20’s: The Advice That Will Give You Massive Success.

1. Success is rare

2. Purpose equals success (find your freakin why)

3. You are only three contacts away from a global influencer

4. Anything can be learned

“It’s not the learning, but the action we take from the learning, that really matters. I would almost go as far as saying the less you know about something, the more you are likely to succeed”

5. No amount of money will make you happy

6. We all want attention

7. Change is guaranteed

“Use significant change in your life as a turning point towards success and see it as a doorway to everything you ever wanted”

8. Everyone’s has got their problems

9. Look after the inside or the outside will suck

10. Stop Giving A *&^%$!

***Final Thought***

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