What Sets Tesla Apart

How Tesla became the greatest success story of all time.

Robert C.
Robert C.
Jan 13 · 5 min read

The car industry has been alive for over a century, and with it comes new companies and car ideas that can elevate the industry as a whole.

In recent years, one company has been pushing to be even greater and truly change the way that the car industry is run.

Yes, we’re talking about Tesla. The company that has gone and made electric cars and is trying to swap the entire world out of the gas craze and into the new millennium.


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When people talk about Tesla, they talk about Elon Musk because he’s the face of the brand. Although he didn’t singlehandedly invent Tesla, he was one of the first people brought on board to help make the company even grander, eventually being its chairman, then CEO, and now its major engineer in terms of trying to make sure their cars do exactly what they want.

What sets Elon apart is his drive to change the world and his drive to do in a way that actually matters.

Just look at SpaceX. He did that because NASA was basically dying budget-wise and humankind had lost the desire to go into space.
With Tesla, he knows that the future is electric cars and that they’re the best things we can make right now. He’s also putting everything into making each ride as special as possible.

At his net worth of $160 billion, Elon supposedly still spends multiple days a week working on engineering because he’s that dedicated. When he speaks about the cars, people listen.

Electric Cars

Easily one of the biggest things that sets Tesla apart from their competitors is that they’re not just trying to go and make electric rides along with gas-powered ones, rather they’re only focused on making electric rides.
This is a big difference because companies Ford, Kia, Audi, etc. only have a few offerings in the electric car department and are more focused on the gas guzzlers that have made them money in the past.

While it’s understandable to want to keep doing what you’re doing because you know it works, it’s wrong to keep doing it when you know the cars you have are polluting and there are better, more environmentally friendly options out there. Plus, there are only so many things you can do in order to improve the gas mileage of a car.

While Tesla does have a luxury electric car, it’s more for people who must have everything luxury. Everything else they make is intended to be driven and owned by the common man.

The environment

So why do companies even create these kinds of cars?
The most logical answer is that we need to save the environment. Global warming is real and one of the biggest things fueling it is gas-powered vehicles. There are billions of gas-powered vehicles all over the world right now, and they’re all polluting the atmosphere every time you turn them on.

Tesla is making cars that are fighting that in the best way possible. They’re trying to change the world by making sure the world isn’t affected by people driving around in it. A very noble thing and something that most definitely helps.

I won’t be so foolish as to say they will literally be saving the planet by swapping out all rides for electric cars, but it does help and Tesla knows that. They are working to make their vehicles as efficient and low cost as possible so that the common man will be able to afford these electric cars.

This won’t be easy, but Tesla is doing it and they’re putting in the effort other car companies aren’t.


Tesla’s Semi (left) & Cyber truck (right)

Given that electric cars aren’t yet the biggest thing, it would be totally logical for Tesla to go ahead and only make cars. But since this is Elon Musk and Tesla, that was never an option.

Tesla went to work on not just family-friendly rides, luxury cars, and sports cars, but they made other key vehicles to touch on more markets. We already know of the Cybertruck, but they also made functional semi-trucks that run on four battery engines. This is capable of changing the shipping market for a lot of companies, while also helping the environment in the meantime.

It is this kind of innovation that we expect from the brand. They want to keep innovating and keep pushing things forward with each new model released.

Self-driving cars & Safety

To be clear, there are several brands out there trying to make self-driving cars. With that being said, Tesla has done it quicker and continues to do it better.

While they know that self-driving electric cars are the future, they also know that human error is still a major cause of car accidents. They’re so confident with one of their rides that they’ve gone and made a robo-taxi which is expected to get released very soon. If it works, they’ll distribute it to many other areas and slowly start the self-driving revolution.

Finally, there’s the aspect of safety. All of the major car companies care about safety and getting the highest safety ratings possible. For Tesla, they push all of that a bit further with not only wanting to receive high safety ratings, rather have people know they have very little chance of getting hurt when they are in a Tesla.

When they break down all the various ways they try and make their cars safe, you can see why people like them and want to be in them, because we all know a safe ride makes for a happy driver.

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