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What’s Your Play Personality? — The 8 Play Personality Types

Do you remember that feeling as a child when you knew how to have fun?

The Importance Of Play

“The most successful adults maintain the ability to play.” — Dr. Jack Shonkoff

  • Lack of brain growth
  • Increased risk of depression
  • Increased risk of addictive behavior
  • Malfunctioning of vital brain areas
  • Poor impulse control
  • Poor anger management
  • Poor self-regulation
  • Fragile and shallow relationships

Discover Your Play Personality

1. The Joker

  • Make people laugh with your jokes
  • Laugh at your jokes and puns
  • Watch comedy

2. The Kinesthete

  • Play sports or go on walks outdoors
  • Join a group of people doing the activities you enjoy
  • Watch and learn the activities you like

3. The Explorer

  • Go on adventures (do new things)
  • Learn something that fascinates you
  • Research things you’re curious about

4. The Competitor

  • Play games
  • Set goals (make life a game)
  • Watch sports

5. The Director

  • Organize a party or an event
  • Organize or plan your stuff
  • Play the role of a leader in your group

6. The Collector

  • Collect items, resources or experiences you cherish
  • Find new pieces to add to your collection
  • Make your collection public (or show it to your friends)

7. The Artist/Creator

  • Make the art or do the activity you enjoy
  • Use or give your creations to others to enjoy
  • Observe the art you appreciate

8. The Storyteller

  • Tell or write stories
  • Read, listen or watch stories
  • Be part of a story by performing

The Power Of Deep Play

  • The Joker may crack a joke or watch funny content
  • The Kinesthete may take a short walk
  • The Explorer may “Google” something to satisfy their curiosity
  • The Competitor may play a short session of a game
  • The Director may organize files or tasks
  • The Collector may keep a list of relevant links or resources
  • The Artist/Creator may doodle on a paper, hum a song, and so on (depends on the art).
  • The Storyteller may daydream a story


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