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1 Minute Read: What’s Your Product’s Default Experience?

Do you remember?

You launched your product and people seemed to have adopted it. The positive feedback have started to pour in, along with new feature requests here and there. Then the number of requests started to increase, because your users simply want to do more with your product and they can’t be blamed for that. With the pressure of growth gaining heavy on your shoulders, you start adding features to get approval, pretty much like sharing on social media to get some likes. But with great number of features, comes great responsibility, the responsibility towards your product’s default, core experience. And if you don’t have a product strategy that keeps that core offering at heart, you might easily find yourself in no man’s land.

In such conditions, you should step back, zoom out and remind yourself of what your product’s default experience is. You should do that even if everything is going well; a periodic check. What made your product successful in the first place? What core feature met people’s needs so that they came back for more? Make that foundational, default experience your most valuable asset, and ensure what you work on later plays well with it, enhances it, compliments it.




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