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When Your Business Enables You To Live Your Dreams.

A conversation with somebody, who did it.

I came across Lombok’s Seaside Society through videos of two of my favorite German Youtubers. The moment I saw the project, I was at awe with how amazing it was.

Both of them, once they have seen beauty of the place with their own eyes, have immediately decided to move there.

And, you have to consider:

That must’ve been a huge decision for both of them.

From one moment to the other, they have decided to purchase land on Lombok, leave their comfortable homes in Germany, and move to Lombok island in Indonesia.

But I completely understand their decision, as it is really a dream come true for anybody, who loves nature and hot weather.

Essentially, the Seaside Society, or Tampah Hills, as it is called, is an open community of people, living on a little mountain near one of the purest- and most untouched of beaches on Lombok, fifteen minutes away from the island’s capital, Kuta.

Villa Sorgas

They are building the most stunning of villas, all with a direct view on the ocean, infinite pools, and a sustainable design.

The villas are directly integrated into the beautiful landscape of Lombok, in close proximity to its beautiful blue ocean, and with immediate access to world-class surfing beaches.

But its not just these villas, which make the place special. It is also the community itself. All of the people who wish to purchase land there, must first go through an application process, showing whether or not they fit into the community itself.

It is a community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and generally all kinds of people with a vision. People, who love nature, surfing, and sustainability. People, who are looking for a combination of the purest natural spots on earth and an amazing local- and international community.

It will also be a creative hub, having an inbuilt co-working space, and all kinds of facilities, that allow for the best possible combination between business and work.

People will be able to work for a couple of hours, go for a surf, get a massage, play a round of tennis, and then get right back to work.

It will allow for the ultimate combination between lifestyle- and work.

Plus, the whole area is designed in a sustainable way. Only materials available on the island itself are being used. Investors are only allowed to build on 30% of the purchased land. Water supply will primarily rely on rainwater.

The villas will only be built in locations, where they don’t spoil the fantastic view, or destroy much of the natural space.

In short, it will be a place, that you thought only existed in your dreams.

How the whole project got started.

After he finished his degree, Jakob Johansson, today the CEO of Tampah Hills, went on a trip to Bali for six months. He wanted to live cheaply, while spending his time surfing.

Only, that he didn’t end up staying on Bali.

Bali was too touristy and crowded for him.

After two weeks there, a friend of his was planning to go to Lombok. So, he decided to join in for a little while. When he went for a surf there, he discovered a little fishing village.

He played soccer with the local kids. And, he came in touch with a local family. This is where he ended up staying for the rest of his six months — in one of the families’ rental rooms.

After that, he went back to Sweden, where he worked in sales for natural food companies for a while.

But there was one thing, which kept crawling back into his mind:

When he was in Indonesia, he remembers having bought a pair of Rip Curl flip-flops. Considering they are very expensive, he expected them to hold for quite a long time. But they broke after three weeks.

After that, he bought a cheap pair of local flip-flops. Surprisingly, they proved to be of much better quality, than the Rip Curl one’s, and they held for much longer.

Eventually, he contacted the company producing those flip-flops. The company was based in Surabaya, Indonesia.

He proposed to them to start a new line of flip-flops to be exported to Europe. Those flip-flops would have some additional health benefits, as they were using the principles of acupressure to massage one’s feet, as the users were walking.

His idea was that using this additional health-benefit as a point of sales, he could leverage his existing network of natural food stores in Sweden, to sell these flip-flops on a large scale.

And the idea worked.

After three years, his business was purchased by a company listed on the Swedish stock exchange. And Jakob stayed on-board as the CEO.

But Lombok didn’t want to leave his mind.

And he really wanted to start his own business again.

A little bit earlier, he had actually bought off some land on Lombok, borrowing money from his two sisters, and built his own villa over there.

He built this villa with the help of a construction company, that was primarily focusing on building villas on Bali, and which was owned by of his Swedish friends, who has been a resident of Bali since 1988 (Jonas Norberg).

So he thought:

“Why not make this process easy, for potential investors? Why not create a way for people, who are looking to build a second home in a beautiful location near the beach, that is easy and where all the work is essentially for them?”

Building a dream house on a beautiful foreign island is no easy task. It involves trying to discover a great location, solving the problems of ownership in a foreign country, and finding trustworthy construction companies.

Instead of having to go through such a complicated process, Jakob’s company would do all the work for them.

So, Jakob set out to discover the best possible location, somewhere near that little fishing village, where he had built his own village. He partnered up with Jonas’ construction company, and together they purchased the mountain, where Tampah Hills is being built today.

He worked together with a team of (landscape) architects, who would map out the area and divide it into different lots. These lots would then be sold individually, to different investors.

This means that for every villa, the investor would work directly with an in-house team of architects, who would not only adjust the whole design according to the wishes of the investor, but who would also constantly have the design of the whole area in mind.

Plus, Tampah Hills would also have a management company, that would essentially do all the work for investors.

They would not only take care of the administration and maintenance of the villas, but they would also take care of the whole marketing process, while the investors themselves were absent from their (vacation) homes.

In that way, Tampah Hills is an opportunity for an investor not only enable live the lifestyle of their dreams, but also to maximize their ROI.

This is true especially for Jakob, who gets to spend 9 months per year in his beautiful villa on Lombok, while spending the rest of the year in Sweden, with his family.

And all began, by visiting a little fishing village, near to the location, where the Tampah Hills of today is located

Why Jakob is doing this.

Jakob at the Tampah Hills location.
“Now, more than ever, we are living in a global society. You know it well, because you were traveling and working from abroad. More and more people want to do that. And we will create the possibility to turn this into reality, for a lot of people, in a way that makes it easy for them.
That’s why I am doing this, in the first place, because I love the area and I love doing business. This allows me to combine life and work, while living the life I want to live. So to me, Tampah is a place, where you can live, play and work as well.” — Jakob Johansson

That’s exactly what I could see right away, when I saw Tampah Hills through the eyes of those two Youtubers.

And that’s why I love this project so much.

I am really impressed by how Jakob has been able to establish a business for himself, that would enable him to live exactly the kind of lifestyle, that he imagined in his wildest dreams. Not many people are capable of doing so.

He saw a place of nothing but raw beauty, and found a way of turning this into a project, which would not only enable him to live exactly the life he wanted, but also enable other people to do the same.

That’s what it means to have a vision and turn it into reality.

Jakob didn’t start from a place, where he had unlimited resources. He simply fell in love with Lombok, and step by step found a way of incorporating this beautiful island into his own life.

He built a business, that was truly designed for himself, his lifestyle, and his own interests. At the same time, this business didn’t exist just for the money. It was designed to be a win-win situation for everybody involved on every level.

It would create at least 100 jobs for locals.

It would maintain the beauty of the place.

It would give investors an easy way of investing in property in an incredibly beautiful foreign country.

But nothing of this, simply came out of nowhere. All of this happened, over a period of many years, during which he took different steps, that took him toward the creation of Tampah Hills.

From that first visit to the fishing village. To the creation of his flip-flop business. To the construction of his own villa on Lombok.

All the way to the point, where he conceived the idea of making his own dream possible for other people as well, and later turning this idea into reality.


The most amazing businesses are those, in which life and business are interwoven, forming one unity, enabling the owner to turn his dreams in all aspects of life, into reality.

To do that, you need a keen awareness of what you want your own life to look like. You need to keep exploring, slowly learning more about who you are and what you want to make out of life.

You need to constantly ask yourself:

What does my ideal lifestyle look like? What kind of business could I possibly build, that could get me there one day?

Of course, you can’t expect things to happen anytime soon. This is a process, which takes many years.

If you keep exploring your interests, remain open for different opportunities, and keep learning more about yourself, then your vision will slowly start becoming clearer and clearer.

Love for something, no matter what that something is, can turn into the most amazing opportunities.

Keep your eyes open.

And maybe, one day, you will build your own dream business. A business, that allows you to make work and play one and the same thing.


If you are keen to see Tampah Hills through the eyes of Jon Olsson (professional freeskier and vlogger), also an investor at Tampah Hills, you can find a video of him right here.

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