Whose Business Am I In?

A question I have had to ask myself many times in the past.

Byron Katie says,

“When I am mentally in your business, it keeps me from being present in my own.”

When we are “mentally in someone’s business,” then we assume we know what’s best for them.

When we spend our time worrying about what someone else is up to we separate for our head and our heart. We do not live in the present moment with ourselves and the people we love. Thus, we disconnect from our reality and connect to theirs.

What benefit does that serve you?

What’s your business?

What’s best for you?

What matters most?

If you let it continue your days will become overrun with feelings of helplessness and anxiety.

Byron Katie also says,

“To think that I know what’s best for anyone else is to be out of my business.

Even if it is coming out of love and from our heart with the best of intentions, it is pure arrogance. We do not know what is best for anyone else. It takes away their power. The result of this breach of their boundaries will be more tension and anxiety.

Do you know what is right for you? That is your only business.

It is a full-time job staying in your own business.

Here is a short video of Byron Katie sharing more of this idea.

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