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Not too long ago, I list out all the Android dessert name in the blog below. Little did I know that that’s all the dessert name Android would have.

This year, Android Q has been announced. Everyone was anticipating what dessert would it be??

Unfortunately, Android Q will no longer have a dessert name, instead a number.

Why? Below are my list of possible reasons.

1. It is hard to find good Q dessert name

Q is a 10 points letter in Scrabble for obvious reason. It is very hard to find a word for it. And to find a name that is not discriminative, inclusiveness which is a heavy consideration these days as reported in the blog below.

2. A-Z only has 26 letters. Limiting

Q is the 17th letter of A-Z. This means 9 more letters to go, or 9 more years of Android lifespan? So it will come to an end sooner or later 😅

3. A-Z is not universal, but 0–9 is more universal

A to Z is only used by some language. But 0 to 9 is more universal used characters. For the purpose of making it more universal, Q is now 10 (note:not X).

4. Removed one reference…

If you check the below table

There’s version, code name and API level. Too many 1–1 references. Eliminating one would help reduce one level of confusion.

5. Android X has been used!

Android Support Library has number version as well. It is relatively fragmented, and as of last year Android Jetpack is introduced. The support library is now named AndroidX.

So if the alphabet name for Android SDK continues on, there will be a name collision 💥. That’s why not only it has abandon the dessert name, but also the alphabet.

6. Completed a cycle of dessert names

If you check the name of the dessert used, it started with Apple Pie (Android A) and then end with Pie (Android P). So it literally start and end with the same dessert. That’s it. Perhaps it already has this list of name in plan, and all used up 🤣

7. It’s the 10th version

If we want to start something new, the 10th is mark a significant number to start a new Era. Just like iPhone, they started with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8… and since they want to start a new Era, they introduce iPhone X, which in Roman Numeral stated as 10!

8. There’s no iPhone 10

iPhone 10 is named iPhone X. So Android we could have it as Android 10.

This is a little misleading, as Android should compare with iOS instead of iPhone. There’s iOS 10

9. Desserts are not good food usually

Look at all the desserts listed, they taste nice but usually not considered as healthy food. In a long run, it’s not good for the body. So it’s good for Android to decouple itself from not as healthy food.

Android now wanted to be a more safer product moving forward i.e. recently it has add on more security measures on the OS, and the entire support ecosystem..

10. Android has grown up…

Dessert are for kids. For the past 10 years, it is still a kid, so dessert name fits it then. Android will turn 12 years old in this November, getting into teens soon. Time to learn number instead of eating dessert 😅

Picture by Patrick Buck on Unsplash

Well, as we talk about Android 10, 10 reasons above is enough. If you could think of other seemingly legitimate reason, feel free to share.

Anyway, the actual formal reason for not using a dessert name seems like is due to consideration of inclusiveness. This is stated in

And official announcement is here

Personally, Android 10 is still not an ideal name for me as developer. I prefer it to be named Android 29. Why? Because the SDK version is actually 29.

In the code, we have no reference to Android 10 or Android Q etc. And often others when we talk to our counterparts, this causes some level of confusion.

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